Apple chastised by UK court for sarcastic Samsung statement

Apple chastised by UK court for Samsung statement

Apple has been chastised by the UK court of appeal for the content of its acknowledgement that Samsung didn’t copy the iPad. Apple was ordered to post the statement last month after losing an appeal in their UK patent case against Samsung. The issue with Apple’s statement are the added details about other, similar cases around the world, which Apple has won. Because the mentions of these cases were additions to the original order, the court of appeal stated that Apple’s statement was not compliant with the terms of the order, and they would have to correct the statement. Charles Arthur of the Guardian reports:

The acknowledgement put up last week, linked from the home page by a tiny link, was deemed to be "non-compliant" with the order that the court had made in October. The court has now ordered it to correct the statement – and the judges, Lord Justice Longmore, Lord Justice Kitchin and Sir Robin Jacob, indicated that they were not pleased with Apple's failure to put a simpler statement on the site.

At a hearing in the court in London on Thursday morning, the judge told Apple that it had to change the wording of the statement within 48 hours, carry it on its home page, and use at least 11-point font.

Apple originally added four paragraphs to the ordered statement when they posted it to their UK website. This included the declaration that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab was not as “cool” as the iPad, made by the original trail Judge, was also added to the statement. It is unknown if that will need to be removed, though it is likely, considering it is an addition to the original order. Apple has been ordered to keep the amended statement on its website until December 14.

So, your move Apple. What will it be next, a nice Animated GIF off to the side maybe?

Source: The Guardian, via Android Central

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Reader comments

Apple chastised by UK court for sarcastic Samsung statement


The judge should have just written the damn statement himself. What does he expect Apple to put up? Any company is going to do their best to spin the posted statement in the best possible light to themselves. That's just natural. The judge should write the statement and specify how & where it should appear.

What does he expect Apple to put up? Seriously? He expects Apple well paid counsel to be able to draft a simple one liner in compliance to court orders.

Arguing that it's too much for Apple and that the compliant one liner was too hard to produce is absurd. If Apple pays me one tenth of what it paid it's lawyers, I'll draft the line myself. In fact, here it goes, for free: "Notice: Samsung did not copy the design of the iPad".

APPLE never had a attempt to apologize for the Sameskunk's ripoff... DUDE...
they put this comment just to show the stupidity of a corrupt UK judge ... actually it should say:
*Samskunk fail to copy Apple design, due to originally designed copy machine, which was indeed its own design !*

I was working for Korean companies for over 20 years... bin there many times... they think they are the greatest in everything ...but only, what they are really good in... is: eating dogs and copy-cats ... believe me ...DUDE

Based on your communication & grammar skills on display here... I'd surmise you aren't out of grade school. Immaturity is easy to spot online based on how poorly one communicates.

Didn't Ur teacher told U... there are some non native English speaking people out there... DUDE... I can speak & write in 7 different languages... how many do U know.... except of Ur local village dialect ... that would be ZERO... ait !?

Yeah OK. Another internet superstar is born every minute. Good for you. On to someone who actually understands communication.

Yeah OK... there is a sucker born every minute too... now I do understand what Steve was talking about.... Bobby Yellow

What do you mean what does he expect? He expects the company in question to comply with the orders of the UK court of law. "The judge should of written the damn statement himself". How about waking up from your fantasy world which the Apple corporation also reside in and realise that just because they can ride roughshot over legislations in the US, things are a little different on the other side of the pond where people live in the real world. Finally this absolute gem: "The judge should write the statement and specify how & where it should appear" I see, Next time I commit a serious crime and sentenced to 20 years, I will make sure that the Judge serves the sentence in jail instead of me. Brilliant stuff sir

Since Apple was not told word for word what to say they are then going to word it in the best light possible for themselves since they were allowed to write it. There's going to be artistic license involved and not everyone is going to interpret the verbage in the same light. Sure, the judge can not like that and turn around and have them redo it. I'm merely pointing out that it's to be expected for any company that has to issue some sort of notice or apology to write it in the best possible light. If the judge doesn't like that he can make them redo it or could have written the wording that he's comfortable with himself.

I'm not following at all how you take it from the wording of an apology to serving time in prison for a crime. These are not at the same level.

Well, yes and no. He didn't write it because he feels as though he's scolding a child. When his kids made a mistake, he forced them to apologize, and made them feel bad until they learned how to say "I'm sorry" in the right way. That's what he's doing here.

I do feel he should've given better guidelines though. As any company would do this. I think it should've been something like, "At times, it can be difficult to know what is and what isn't a rip off when you spend all your time innovating, and creating the best products in the world." Re-worded, of course, but (basically) saying "Well, the UK judge said they didn't copy, but he's crazy when everyone else says Samsung copied us", isn't what he ordered.

That kind of is and isn't the point.
The point is the Court issued an order. Apple tried a tactic that they thought they could get away with. They didn't. What Apple needs to do is shrug and fix it.

Apple, and ANY company for that matter, shouldn't run to the Court to fix their problems, then when things don't go their way, try and be iffy about it. Just accept it and move on about making your billions.

what kills me is that apples legal team clearly lacks the sense to of known this was not going to fly. the judge should of slapped apple with a nice hefty fine for that crap. In truth all this legal crap going on back in forth between samsung and apple is really putting me off from both companies.

Apple can be a bunch of douc**bags. if they want to be. They make great products, and I use them, but they shouldn't have a "holier than thou" attitude and spit in the face of the court. They should just take their licks and move on.

This is the most objective article I've read from a website dedicated to all things Apple. This is one of the reasons iMore is my go-to site for Apple news.

This is douchebaggery (yes, Apple's actions merit the word 'douchebaggery') at its finest. It serves as a reminder that blind fanboyism to corporations is foolishness at best. (This is coming from a guy with many Apple products.)

The judge shouldn't have to.

He expects Apple to act like ADULTS and post the proper comment.

I don't have it in front of me but I believe that Apple has lost in other jurisdictions not just the UK. I want to say Japan and Korea (take that one with a grain of salt since it's Samsung's home).

The whole Apple vs Samsung is just ridiculous anyway and as @AshleyEsqueda said "It's just a big d*ck swinging contest!"

It is one thing to put the best spin possible on an unpleasant task, but it is quite another to imply the judge ordering you to do the task is a crazy outlier who failed to see the truth, unlike these judges in other jurisdictions we'd-like-to-name.

If Apple expected any different reaction than this, they are fools.

On the bottom of the homepage:

"UK court decided that Samsung did not copy the design of the iPad".

and leave it at that.

How about : "Samsung did not copy the design of the iPad in United Kingdom, except Ireland, Scotland and all other colonies of British Empire"