Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak speculates white iPhone 4 had camera issues, still coming soon

White iPhone 4

In an interview on the Engadget Show yesterday Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak speculated the white iPhone 4 will be coming very soon, stating his belief manufacturing problems had been resolved and Apple would begin shipments in the near future.

Woz specifically mentioned camera issues with some of the DIY conversion kits recently circulated using leaked parts from component suppliers -- something he personally experimented with himself. He went on to explain that photos taken with modded parts looked like they were "taken through cellophone" due to light leaking through the painted glass, and that he thinks Apple decided against shipping because they couldn't find a way to fix the problem.

We told you last week that Apple started using a new painting process to help with the issues plaguing the white iPhone, which lined up with reports that the white iPhone had shown up in Best Buy and Vodafone's ordering system, so Steve's statements don't seem so far off.

Do you think we could finally be seeing the mystical white iPhone 4 soon, or is it still just a pipe dream? Sound off in the comments below!

UPDATE: We altered the language slightly -- seems Woz is basing his comments on rumors just like the rest of us. No special Apple co-founder info involved.


Andrew Wray

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Daytona says:

I am willing to bet my bottom dollar that the white iphone 4 will launch the same day as the iphone 5. Apple will also discontiue in store sales of the 3GS probably on that same day. This will help them still cash in on new contract signers/upgraders that will be happy that Apple is offering 2 choices of great iphone technology at different price points that cater to different people.

Tony A says:

The white Iphone is already available. I had one of my friends purchase one at the Apple store in West Edmonton Mall In Edmonton, Canada just over a week ago. To top it off it is FACTORY UNLOCKED ! What an ars this guy, he talked the guy at apple store to sell it and they had a few iphones still sitting in the back room.

Sky_eye says:

In my opinion, it's already too late, iPhone 5 is lurking in the shadows.

xxDruMMer BoYxx says:

It's not too late for the people who don't know about techy sites.

Tre says:

iPhone 5 will just be a refresh of iPhone 4.... similar to the 3G to 3GS refresh.

xxDruMMer BoYxx says:

I hope so. Obviously hardware internals will be a little faster but as far as design, I have a feeling they'll change the whole antenna deal.

Ilovegeorgia says:

Wiz was great on the engadget show. He carries around two iPhones and a droit x for mifi.

parabel says:

Can any of you with modded white iPhone 4's confirm that photos can be an issue?

Chris says:

I haven't noticed any problems with pictures on my converted white iPhone. Not even the mysterious blue haze that was plaguing some people. My proximity sensor is acting up, but that's nothing new.

JNM says:

I swear that if I don't get a white iPhone 4 before February. Is over I will freaking...I will completely...I will... to give a ----.
But that's just me.

johncblandii says:

iPhone 4 == Duke Nukem. You'll never see it until it is too late then you'll go nuts when it gets here.

Opinion says:

Steve Jobs could s**it in a plastic bag, put a shiny apple on it and an LCD screen and the apple legions would still say its innovative

Justin Fowler says:

I'd be really happy if they allowed everyone with a black iPhone to trade one in for a white one. I would give them a big hug

CJ says:

To opinion: well said. I agree with you. These ppl are idiots. I watched Macheads documentary and I was shocked to how many losers live among us. That's why I'm successful, I think. Lol MBA, CMA designation. Not bad eh. Financial analyst position. And I am 25 years old. If these ppl spent as much time as they do in these stupid fanboy Apple blogs in school....maybe they would have a life.

Jaime says:

Cj, douche, it's only when we have to through around titles and accomplishments that we feel so inadequate. Congrats for proving to be the little guy.

Opinion says:

Iphone it's just a toy with a terrible battery life, you can´t even type on that thing, is so annoying like these stupids fan boys!

Lee says:

I have a white iPhone 4 and the reason some peoples pictures look like they were taken through cellophane is because they are. I noticed on the lens that there was cellophane on the lens that wasnt taken off. After I took it off the pictures look fantastic.