Apple completes cloud-music deal with EMI, now one step closer to iTunes Cloud

CNET is reporting that Apple has finalized an agreement with EMI Music for their upcoming cloud music service, and as previously suspected, is also on the verge of hammering out deals with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment.

Apple has signed a cloud-music licensing agreement with EMI Music and is very near to completing deals with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, multiple music industry sources told CNET.

This would not only let them compete with Amazon's Cloud Drive and Google's new Music Beta services, but could give them significant advantages, such as making any content in the iTunes catalog instantly available without requiring time consuming uploads first.

On the negative side, it could also mean users are restricted to iTunes-only content, unlike Google and Amazon which allow users to pretty much upload anything.

Apple is probabl to unveil iOS 5 at WWDC in June, and with this news it seems more and more likely they'll be letting the world know of their streaming music plans at the event now that the deals are starting to fall into place.

How do you think this will impact Amazon and Google once Apple brings iTunes music streaming to the masses? Sound off in the comments!


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Reader comments

Apple completes cloud-music deal with EMI, now one step closer to iTunes Cloud


Google's service sounds pretty good, if only it were available outside the USA... :(
If Apple's service is iTunes content only, then it's not worth using anyway.
If it is like Google's but with the added advantage that music bought in iTunes doesn't need to be uploaded again, then it's alright. Although I wonder how it treats songs I bought in iTunes but made changes to (added information).

Not allowing customers to upload their non-iTunes music library is just speculation at this point, but even with that point, they will beat the others hands down with the licensing deals in place.
This is the beginning of a new era. We've come from records to 8-track to cassettes to CDs and then to CDs in a digital form. Now cloud music will be the next medium and the final one for a while until we move past moving 0s and 1s around the earth.

I like the cloud idea, but as a back up. I don't get signal everywhere. So i still want my music available at any point in time. Which right now is, when ever I have my iPhone. I do not want to stream everything. Not until AT&T gets off their a$$ and makes the network solid 4g everywhere.