Apple constructing large building at Flint Center ahead of September event

Apple constructing large building at Flint Center ahead of September event

Ahead of Apple's special event on September 9, the company is erecting a large structure at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts at De Anza College in Cupertino, California. The Flint Center has been the site of Apple events in the past, most notibly thirty years ago, when Steve Jobs unveiled the original Macintosh. The exact purpose of the structure is unknown, and it's being closely guarded while under construction.

According to MacRumors:

For the occasion, it appears that Apple has been building a massive structure on the campus, which has been kept under tight wraps with a white barricade. A MacRumors reader has sent in images of a mysterious structure at the Flint Center, which appears to span three stories and is protected by "scads" of security people. Administrators had previously declined to comment on what the structure is for, stating only "We are not at liberty to discuss that due to client wishes."

We'll find out more on September 9. It's widely expected to be the unveiling of the iPhone 6, with the iWatch possibly making an appearance. iMore will be there covering the event live, so stay tuned that day for the latest.

What do you think the structure is for? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: MacRumors

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Reader comments

Apple constructing large building at Flint Center ahead of September event


My official guess is that it's a full-scale HomeKit demo in a mock-up of a house. Maybe with a next-gen Apple TV set-top box as the hub.

What if since the iWatch is a totally new product category, they want to do a large, hands-on area for everyone after the show to try it out?

I was thinking the same thing. Celebrity guests wearing it, or maybe a basketball court or some kind of sports thing. Maybe a line of treadmills. OR MAYBE A DEATH RAY.

The only reason for a bigger venue is to invite more media, or to invite different media in addition to the media they usually invite. Apple typically has a product demo area associated with their events, so this is probably just an appropriately sized demo area for the huge crowd.

If it's about the connected home, then there will be many new products or updates of products besides simply the iPhone. A connected home kind of implies updated AppleTV, updated Airport Express, or a new home automation hub that subsumes both.

My best guess would be it's about the connected home or at least interconnectedness between Apple products (the iOS health thingie). I'm not sure the presence of this structure implies anything other than "large demo area" though and given that the crowd is significantly larger than usual, it might be just about letting people touch the ugly new iPhone.

looks like a big white box for holding scads of Apple frenzied fanatics ready to say nothing but super-positive crap about anything Apple does.

My wager is on a gigantic Ice Bucket Challenge setup in which the Apple employees and all attendees are doused along with the entire new waterproof Apple gadget lineup.

Apple will replace the gadgets that don't make it with items from the new inventory suggesting "now you have *real* productivity devices!"

Then Tim Cook looks into the camera, drops the mic, and walks offstage.

i go to school there so this is cool however the place they are building it will only hold around 500 people at max

Unless Apple tears it down after the 9/9 event. I hope they don't. It would be nice to build something that Flint Center could use year-round afterward.

One little bit of trivia: the media invitations to the event were sent out with a few more days of lead time this year. Last year, the invitations were sent out exactly a week before the event (9/3/13 -> 9/10/13). Two years ago, the invitations were sent out 8 days before the event (9/4/12 -> 9/12/12).

This year the invitations to the 9/9 event were sent out today, 8/28. That's 12 days advance notice. More time to build hype? Or maybe the media invitees complained about short notice. Who knows?

We all know that this building is being built because of a clerical error! Someone misinterpreted the " and thought it was ' and planned on demoing 5 1/2 Yard size iPhones. LOL

Once the event is over apple staff will teach Apple classes in that building.
Apple 101 introduction to apple
Apple 110 introduction to iOS
Apple 115 advanced use of iOS
Apple 120 introduction to OS X
Apple 125 advanced use of OS X
Apple 130 introduction to iPhone
Apple 140 introduction to iPad
Apple 150 introduction to Mac
Apple 160 introduction to Apple speculation
Apple 165 advanced Apple speculation
Apple 170 Apple as a college student
Apple 180 how switch from Android
Apple 190 how to become one with the device
Apple 200 how to show off with apple device
Apple 210 Apple history
Apple 212 introduction to Steve Jobs
Apple 214 ultimate Steve Jobs
Apple 216 Introduction to Tim Cook
Apple 220 Introduction to Apple design
Apple 225 why aluminum is the best
Apple 230 why one must upgrade every year
Apple 240 how Samsung copied Apple
Apple 250 online course through iCloud about iCloud
Apple 260 camping in front of Apple store
Apple 300 counseling for apple obsessed people

actually since these are voluntary classes they should only have classes that Apple fans would want to attend. I'd love to take any of those classes.

possibly is it that start of the 'new' apple. Tim Cook unveils the the iPhone 6, iWatch (and maybe a few smaller things) and says all this is coming from the new apple or this is a new era or something like that perhaps, but it's starting where the macintosh started at our roots. that sounds terrible but it could be something along those lines