Apple reportedly still the top smartphone seller in the US, and still growing!

Apple continues upward growth in the U.S.

How's this for doomed? Apple was once again the top smartphone vendor in the three months ending in April of this year, capturing 39.2% of the market for that period. According to the latest comScore report, Apple's share grew 1.4% in a U.S. smartphone market of 138.5 million people. Samsung grew 0.6% to 22%, while HTC, Motorola, and LG all fell less than 1%.

Android is still the most widely-used operating system, holding 52% marketshare to the 39.2% held by iOS. But Android dropped by a slight 0.3%, as iOS grew 1.4%. BlackBerry fell to 5.1%, while Windows Phone lost .1%, coming down to 3% marketshare overall.

The iPhone continues to grow, though that growth has slowed over the last three-month period. But the iPhone is still growing more than its competition, including Samsung, considered to be Apple's primary smartphone rival. But they're also the only platform that's consistantly growing the U.S., with every other platform falling during the last few measuring periods. Marketshare is not the most important marker of a company’s success, but many have used the iPhone’s marketshare to crow about Apple losing its luster, but as these latest numbers show, Apple continues to shine in one of its most important markets.

Source: comScore

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Reader comments

Apple reportedly still the top smartphone seller in the US, and still growing!


Apple still dominates regarding revenue for its hardware. By far. Tim Cook just said at D11 Apple really never cared about being the most used mobile OS, because look at the Mac all these years.

I don't think the naysayers are claiming Apple is doomed for failure. It's more that they just aren't the pioneers anymore because their products are no longer groundbreaking.

(And before someone rushes in to dispute that and defend Apples honor, I don't care. I buy apple products whether theyre groundbreaking or mediocre. I'm just stating what has been said many times by both Apple haters and Apple fans. It's just not the essential product anymore.

I buy Apple products when I need them. (I don't see mediocre ones, but I do see ones I don't need to spend money on.) But I don't care whether they are considered "the hottest new thing" -- which I gather a lot of people think Apple isn't coming out with lately. If I like it and I can afford it, I'll get it. Same way I decide to buy most things.

Only apple bloggers claim Apple is doomed. It's a meme that should have dies years ago, but insecurity is a bitch to dump.

Aside from that, Comscore measures usage not sales, so the headline is a bit off.

I'm not surprised honestly I see people constantly buying them from best buy and other stores when I'm shopping. iPhone 5 is still super relevant and a beautiful phone but my htc one is also starting to draw attention when I'm out and about the city.

No surprise there, that "One" is gorgeous. Have you recently switched from iOS to Android or have you always been using Android devices? And how do you like the "One"??? (I used to use both, but last 6 months have been iOS only. Had to set up my friends "One" & it's just an overall homerun from HTC imo)

On May 23, HTC One revealed they've sold 5 million since their launch at the end of March, not revealing how much they've sold in April. They also will be launching on the biggest carrier in the US this month as well. The S4 wasn't launched until the last few days of April. This report is on " the three months ending in April of this year". The next three months will be more telling for Samsung and HTC as will be the next three months AFTER the next iPhone launch for Apple.