Apple COO Speaks: AT&T Exclusivity, SDK, and more...


Tom Cook, Chief Operating Officer of a little Cupertino company named Apple, spoke at the Goldman Sachs Investment Symposium, mercilessly teasing the faithful with the following bombs:

  • Apple is not "married to any [single carrier exclusive] business model". It's apparently all about the "best phones in the world", baby, and if unlocked, CDMA, and/or pre-paid proved, in the future, to provide the greatest sense of childlike wonder (or complies with future Congressional mandates), Apple could (possibly, maybe) go with that flow.
  • Apple believes the global unlocking epidemic is a good sign of the iPhone's potential, and that there will always be a percentage of unlocks in the wild because of the high demand.
  • That the upcoming iPhone SDK would allow developers to "only be limited by [their] imagination." (And whatever restrictions Apple imposes on accessing the metal and distributing via iTunes, 'natch).

To the delight of Wall Street, Cook also continued to hold firm on the 10 million iPhone march through the end of 2008.

Check out Apple Insider for all the details.

Is Cook telling us Apple will make good on their promised smart phone utopia? Or Is he just cranking on his own mini Reality Distortion Field? Hit the comments and let us know what you think!

Rene Ritchie

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Dieter Bohn says:

Gah! My imagination can imagine a lot -- let's hope these restrictions "to the metal" are light, indeed

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