Apple "Just Another Day" announcement live blog

Starts just before 10am ET, 7am PT. Watch along with TiPb for all our usual coverage, color, and commentary!

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Reader comments

Apple "Just Another Day" announcement live blog


Apple needs to update it to "Today is just another day. That you'll never forget." And I'm sure I won't if it's the beatles release. I just don't see them pegging that as some exciting announcement.

@Deonta I was thinking the same thing. Starting to wonder if it's like the signs you see in bars that say 'free beer tomorrow' and tomorrow never comes....

My whole iTunes Store is covered with Beatles stuff! I think it's safe to say that is what they were referring to :)

If the beatles was the big announcement then i am hearby quitting and selling all of my Apple products and never buying one ever again.

You've got to be kidding's a day I certainly won't forget alright...but NOT in a good way...come on Apple......

Is that it? I agree....Beatles? Who cares? First waste of Apple hype....and I am a fan...that's a letdown if there isn't something else.

What a hype for this content not being available for 7 years, now they make this like a great thing. Furthermore, they made it available 10 min. before the announced time, creating more hype.

Is there a Beatles fan in the world that does not already have every Beatles song in their iTunes library?

Can't help but laugh at all the hype this produced. Just goes to show that Apple has not totally brainwashed their consumers. Although I like the Beetles and their music, this should have been a side note at the most. But, for Apple and SJ, I guess this was a big day for them.

I guess I can now get the cover art for all of the Beatles CD's that I side loaded a long time ago.
As for the announcement, yes they needed to do it - for Wall Street, not fanboys and for Steve. Clearly, this is something that he wanted and now he's got it.

The question is how long Apple will have exclusive rights to the Beatles. Having the Beatles to the end of 2010 would be a nice bump.

Is Jobs so detached from reality that he thinks anyone gives a "@&£ about this?
Give me a break!

If adding the Beatles to iTunes is a major event to Steve Jobs, I think it may be time to start selling your Apple stock.

Kinda funny, did anyone really think there was going to be a mind blowing announcement?
Ps. The Beatles suck.