Apple "Just Another Day" announcement live blog

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What will Apple's big iTunes announcement be?

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The Beatles arrive on iTunes

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Yousuf says:

Don't tell me there's an iPhone 5 !!! I just bought mine 3 months back...

Deonta says:

Apple needs to update it to "Today is just another day. That you'll never forget." And I'm sure I won't if it's the beatles release. I just don't see them pegging that as some exciting announcement.

schmidt65 says:

It's the beatles on iTunes, search for the beatles and they're now live in the iTunes store!

Hookem99 says:

@Deonta I was thinking the same thing. Starting to wonder if it's like the signs you see in bars that say 'free beer tomorrow' and tomorrow never comes....

Chuck91 says:

store still up, so no new products

schmidt65 says:

Also Beatles with iTunes LP, it's live on the store now!

TheDisher says:

My whole iTunes Store is covered with Beatles stuff! I think it's safe to say that is what they were referring to :)

iphonemilk says:

If the beatles was the big announcement then i am hearby quitting and selling all of my Apple products and never buying one ever again.

Stu Davies says:

Bit of an anti climax and a big let down if all it refers to I'd the beatles

Jklivin says:

What a extremely huge disappointment

Jason says:

Say goodbye to your idevices iphonemilk.
Btw. LAME. What a waste of time Steve jobs

Greg says:

You've got to be kidding's a day I certainly won't forget alright...but NOT in a good way...come on Apple......

Anthony Moore says:

Is that it? I agree....Beatles? Who cares? First waste of Apple hype....and I am a fan...that's a letdown if there isn't something else.

jared52 says:

It has been confirmed that it is, in fact, just another day.

tsb3 says:

What a hype for this content not being available for 7 years, now they make this like a great thing. Furthermore, they made it available 10 min. before the announced time, creating more hype.

dandbj13 says:

Is there a Beatles fan in the world that does not already have every Beatles song in their iTunes library?

ibikeride2 says:

What was the hype all about? I have already forgotten.

excaliburca says:

Wow... talk about the boy crying wolf!

Dryland says:

Can't help but laugh at all the hype this produced. Just goes to show that Apple has not totally brainwashed their consumers. Although I like the Beetles and their music, this should have been a side note at the most. But, for Apple and SJ, I guess this was a big day for them.

The Reptile says:

I guess I can now get the cover art for all of the Beatles CD's that I side loaded a long time ago.
As for the announcement, yes they needed to do it - for Wall Street, not fanboys and for Steve. Clearly, this is something that he wanted and now he's got it.

Synth says:

The question is how long Apple will have exclusive rights to the Beatles. Having the Beatles to the end of 2010 would be a nice bump.

Tom says:

Is Jobs so detached from reality that he thinks anyone gives a "@&£ about this?
Give me a break!

Chris says:

If adding the Beatles to iTunes is a major event to Steve Jobs, I think it may be time to start selling your Apple stock.

ren says:

Wow !! That was a waste. I would rather see AC/DC on iTunes

Dood says:

@Greg, don't worry. Someone, somewhere wants to party with you (not me).

Big Mike says:

Kinda funny, did anyone really think there was going to be a mind blowing announcement?
Ps. The Beatles suck.