Apple to debut Safari 5, Xcode 4, Apple TV on iPad, and more pre-WWDC crazy

WWDC 4 billion apps downloaded - photo by Adam Jackson

I'm sitting here at the airport waiting for my flight (or the first leg of my flight rather, grrrr!) to San Francisco for WWDC 2010 and catching up on the latest, greatest, coolest, and craziest rumors to hit the web -- namely Safari 5, a new version of Xcode, and more.

Safari on the iPhone and iPad is typically ahead of the curve when it comes to supporting Apple's version of (still emerging) HTML5 and CSS3 standards, and their Nitro Javascript engine, but desktop Safari typically leads the way in terms of cool features like local RSS, Top Sites, etc. According to Macgenerations Safari 5 looks to increase that lead:

  • Safari Reader (does that remove Google ads for that "calmer experience", I wonder?)
  • 25% faster Javascript rendering
  • Bing as a search option. (Enemy's enemy, indeed!)
  • Dozens of new HTML5 features including Geo Location, full screen video, captioned video, section elements, AJAX history, EventSource, WebSocket, draggable elements, and more. (Begun these Flash wars have).
  • Improved developer tools.
  • Smarter address field
  • Improved tabs settings
  • Hardware acceleration for Windows
  • Easier Top Sites/Full history switching,
  • Private browsing (aka porn mode) icon for easier on/off
  • DNS pre-fetching and improved page caching
  • XXS auditor
  • Faster running JSON (for better web apps).

MacRumors meanwhile hears Xcode 4 might get shown off as a "major update".

Less rumor and more wishful, if awesome, thinking, Lonely Sandwich wonders if the "lame" Video app on the iPad is a precursor to it getting an Apple TV app as part of Apple's next gen Apple TV, rollout. Now that would spectacular.

[Macgeneration via 9to5Mac, Macrumors, Lonely Sandwich, photo credit: Flickr/Adam Jackson]

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(Copy of) Dev says:

I think you meant XSS (Cross Site Scripting), not XXS, which sounds like an extension of Jobs' absurd porn crutch :)
Not sure if any of these rumored improvements would be enough to woo me back from Chrome, which has taken a substantial lead (IMHO) in most every aspect (except support for Services on OSX), but the competition is always nice.

SoCo_Jon says:

is there any way we can watch this live online like Google did with I/O on youtube??

SheiknetChris says:

Why is Bing as a search option so controversial? That is why it is called an 'option.'

Emrah Omuris says:

Do you guys read what you write?
"Less rumor and more wishful, if awesome, thinking, Lonely Sandwich wonders if the “lame” Video app on the iPad is a precursor to it getting an Apple TV app as part of Apple’s next gen Apple TV, rollout. Now that would spectacular."
There is no need for an Apple TV app on the iPad. iPad in its current form can do anything that an Apple TV does, if not more. Apple TV is simply an extension to the iTunes Store with an included hard drive. With the iTunes app on the iPad, you can already browse iTunes Store and buy/rent everything you need from there.

Christian says:

Hahaha at "porn mode" but I hope they implement a newer version of Safari to go with the new iPhone! It will really give it to Google and Flash support will be proven, for lack
of a better word, whack.

iPader says:

I did have a play with the iPad and it is an amazing device. I look forward to iPad prices coming down a little.

dloveprod says:

If itunes includes itunes cloud streaming services it might be itunes 10?

Tommy says:

Hope it gets published today along with the 4.0 os. Apple really need to step up a notch now because other manufacturers are coming up fast with really good phones.

ipheuria says:

Emrah I think they meant an AppleTV app so you can control the AppleTV from your iPad not for the iPad to take over the AppleTV's spot.

iphone 5 buy says:

Nice features, but i think i'll stay with chrome.