Apple declares, "It's not a phone, it's a console experience"

You see, there is this little event on December 12th in San Jose called the ADC (Apple Developer Conference): iPhone Tech Talks. Engadget says that John Geleynse, Director of Technology Evangelism at Apple, made some interesting statements Including:

It's a gaming console
It's not a phone, it's a console experience

Wow. I have to admit, with some of quality games of late showing up in the App Store, I cannot disagree with this statement. After all, John Carmack, speaking at QuakeCon 2008 back in August said that the iPhone was akin to Sega's Dreamcast console and almost on par with the PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox. If you think back to the early days of the PlayStation 2, the graphics look very similar. Now, you look at the PlayStation 2 with games like God of War and you can really see where gaming on the iPhone might be heading.

I have personally been enjoying the gaming on the iPhone. But I have to wonder; is Steve Jobs plan to penetrate the market with games in order to conquer all? The same method he has used by getting consumers to use Macs, then demanding them in the enterprise? Only time will tell. In the meantime, I plan on enjoying all the gaming the iPhone has to offer.

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Reader comments

Apple declares, "It's not a phone, it's a console experience"


I'm not to sure that's a really good path to venture to. I just wish they would still try to dominate and manage the smart phone area. If I wanted to play games I would get a handheld gaming device. IMHO, when a device tries to do to much it ends up failing.....

It's a phone. I make lots of calls on it. I don't have any games on it because I'm not twelve years-old. :roll:

I think that Apple did the right thing to enable Games on the Iphone, i am not playing with my phohne at all but everybody who want to play can do it.

I am an iPhone user but I still consider it more of an entertainment device than a productivity device. It's an iPod as it always has been so its media capabilities are great and taking the gaming path takes full advantage of the media hardware. It was mentioned Blackberries are built for 9-5pm while iPhone's were built for 5-9pm. I fully agree. Apple knows their place and is trying to dominate that place. That said, I stick with the iPhone because no other phone has made me say "holy sh*t, unreal" so many times.

I agree that iPhone is a moderately-good gaming platform, but there's no way iPhone = PS2.

Make a device to wrap a dreamcast controller around the iphone... Then it could possibly compeat with the gameboy and psp.

"owns ps2" omg roflolol
Keil- that idea would actually be really cool. Maybe not exactly a DC controller, but something that adds extra buttons and handles (for better grip). Maybe even a steering wheel like they have for Mario Kart Wii.
Steve (with the capital "S")- Obviously the iPhone is primarily used to make calls. The whole point of the iPhone is to be a PHONE plus the other experiences, headlined by a streamlined App store. I don't think you realize that your "I'm too old to play games" attitude is in the minority.

Just think if they'd ever give us a real office suite we could have the best of both worlds! iPhone gaming is waaaaay ahead of it's business capability. Give us both and you will own the world.

Sorry, but f John Geleynse can decide for me what the iPhone is or isn't, than so can I.

Steve- Fair enough.
You are right, though. It's not JUST a gaming device like this guy thinks it is. It does so many more things - organizers, social networking clients, GPS/camera based apps - that it can't just be referred to as a gaming console (as if that was it's primary purpose).

Steve needs to live a little idc how old you are evryone loves a game or two and if you don't I can only imagine you being very bitter you should never ever let that little kid escape you ever! Lol and yes this is a great gaming device how can one not agree with that!

And there not saying the iPhone is soley a gaming device it's obviously so much more that's not what there saying here.

Apple + Gaming = ERROR
Keep dreaming apple, the iPhone has a smaller screen, crappier game selection and terrible graphics compared to PSP. Stick with what it is: A PHONE!!!

lol.. iphone isnt a phone.. the phone application is one out of 10,000.
Iphone games are better than others and about &50 dollars cheaper! Win-win. Iphone will soon own all other gaming consoles.
Ive been playing tower defense all morning and its free!

Hey Steve what's with the "12year old" slur on gaming? I'm 73 and retired with a home business and I travel quite a bit. With
My iPhone (and formerly with my BlackBerry Pear)l I keep in touch with my clients and suppliers and also get much use of the many Apps, including games.
With the Iphone I get the best of everything. So why not both features on one small smart device?
I just wish all hotels and resorts would provide free Wi-Fi ( some charge $10 per day)!

@bob daye
I agree Bob, it defeats the purpose of Wi-Fi when you have to pay for it. I don't know, how did we get hung up that it should be free anyway?

Well Chad, I believe that it is free in so many places like some libraries, airports, stores and hotels that we come to expect it. It is worth paying for when out of cell phone range on cruises etc. Or when roaming charges are excessive.

The iphone will never be able to compete with handheld gaming systems without hardware buttons. There's only so much you can do with a touch screen and tilt motion control. Now, don't misread what I'm saying. There are great and fun games on the iphone and there can continue to be. But there just won't be the depth and variety of games on the iphone that are available on the DS/PSP.
@iAirmanshirk: What games are better on the iphone than on DS/PSP? And I'm pretty sure I've never paid anywhere near $50 or a game on either device (yes, I have both).
Tower Defense?...great. Let me know when something like Ridge Racer, God of War, or Super Stardust Portable hit the iphone with decent controls.

Glen: Yes, someone did indeed imply that "it's not a phone" but rather soley a gaming device. But apparently such a stupid statement is acceptable to you coming from Engadget... but if I say "it IS a phone'" I'm criticized for being as blunt? Spare me, please. :roll:
Also, nowhere did I state, or 'disagree with' it's quality as a gaming device. That's your misunderstanding. You see whatever you want to see in my comments other than what is actually there. I've been listening to jealous PC tech nerd losers calling Apple products "fun" and "not for serious work" for twenty years and it's as annoying as it is inaccurate. If you think that's being bitter, I could really care less. I'll continue to defend them.

Yeah dude pick up an iphone or ipod touch and you will see the quality difference in games. Other handhelds cant compete. they still have buttons!! haha food and dust gets in them and crap. Iphone is the future,

The least important part of the iPhone 3G is the "Phone" part. Well-developed 1st and 3rd party apps, good hardware (including everything from the wifi chipset to the touchscreen), usability, etc: this is what I care about. If I wanted a phone that could work (make/receive calls) almost anywhere, I'd get a Nokia. I wanted a phone that I could work WITH everywhere, so I got an iPhone.

For those who bought the iPhone as a phone: there are 100s of better phones out there. IMO Verizon has the better service. But for people like me, I got the iphone for the Apps, the elegant mapping and browsing interface. Big fan of music apps. A well designed game is ALWAYS welcome for the iPhone. Belkin has come out with a gaming iPhone "holder" as well.

oops! Sorry folks. Update: the Bellin Joypod I commented on is 100% false. And I forgot to include that I enjoy music, videos, and podcasts(galore) on my iPhone. Jailbroken phones can play NES, MAME, and Sega Genesis Roms as well as old Doom and Quake FPSs.

There are some great games out there, field runners is one of the best. If developers actually make some killer games, probably in the $30-$40 price range, then we'll see what the device can do. Better than the PSP? Well considering that device hasn't been all that successful, maybe, but that hasn't been shown yet.

The fishing games on the iphone are fun, but I really like using mine to post real time fishing reports to my fishing website via the wordpress app. Can this thing get any cooler?

Hey noob lemme ask you something, what makes you think a huge sellection makes something better?
the Wii has quite a few great games, but its so saturated with crap that I sometimes wonder why I even bother with it. same with PS2, think of all the "budget" games that were made on it, the 20 dollar games, the PS2 had many great titles, but it was saturated with crap as well.
Im not an apple fan, dont own an apple item of any kind and never will I use real computers and portable gaming/music/video devices that are better and have more features(with possible exception of iphone and ipod touch) and cost less, but to say its crap just cause your a sony fan is retarded. and the graphics on iphone games seem to be about equal to psp, so if your calling iphone graphics shit........