Apple developing CDMA-GSM World iPad?

According to Wedge Partners anaylst Brian Blair, Apple appears to be developing a "world iPad" that would feature Qualcomm's multimode CDMA-GSM chips.

Recent checks…suggest Apple is going to be ratcheting down production of the existing 3G iPad over the next two months in anticipation of ramping up a new World iPad that is powered by Qualcomm and will run on both GSM and CDMA based networks around the world,” Blair writes. “Given our recent checks that suggest Apple is preparing to build approximately 48 million iPads in calendar 2011.

Blair also went on to report that the manufacturing process will be different due to the next generation iPad being possibly thinner and made of one piece of metal.

With a CDMA-GSM iPad possibly gearing up to hit production this could mean that either they want more people to be able to utilize the iPad on 3G all around the globe or that they have plans to make the iPad be able to run on Verizon's 3G network here in the U.S.. We already have seen Apple and Verizon come together to sell the WiFi only iPad bundled with their MiFi. This type of chip would eliminate the need to utilize a MiFi type device in the future.

We know people are tired of the Verizon rumors and speculations but would you like to utilize the iPad on their network here in the U.S.? If you are not in the U.S. is there a CDMA carrier you would like to be able to utilize for 3G use with your iPad? Let us know your thoughts below.

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Reader comments

Apple developing CDMA-GSM World iPad?


I'd be more excited about a front facing camera with facetime capabilities over 3G, till then I personally have no use for the iPad; maybe with the advancement in gamecenter, but so far I'd be using it as a gigantic (hard to commute with) iPod touch

The growing popularity of the iPad is really amazing. All of this without being able to run on multiple networks in the US. With the ability to run on Verizon and AT&T (and possibly others), the iPad will be unstoppable.

I personally will be sticking with AT&T for now with the unlimited data, but if I were a new customer, I would be more out to buy it having carrier options to select from. The other thing that would be nice is the need to only activate the carrier I want when I'm ready to use 3G and with who I want. I can now take my time and study which deal is best suited for me.
Apple would be foolish not do an iPad this way.

If this is just for Verizon, it's a big lose. If they have the CDMA-GSM chip, make it so you can use it on Sprint and T-Mobile networks. This may come as a shock but there are many people who do not think that Verizon is the holy grail of carriers and some of us also would not want to do business with Verizon or ATT.

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