Facebook for iPad finally coming, Facebook tensions fueled by HP?

Apple vs. Facebook tensions fueled by HP?

To make a long story short, it sounds like iOS 4 was supposed to include the type of Facebook integration that iOS 5 will enjoy with Twitter but Apple and Facebook couldn't get the deal done. Subsequent squabbles over Ping, and a tempestuous visit by Steve Jobs to Mark Zuckerberg -- including a blow up over HP and their TouchPad -- only fanned the flames of discontent. According to Jennifer Van Grove at Mashable:

When Jobs learned of the webOS Facebook app during his summer visit to Facebook, he was livid. Zuckerberg vowed to get the app pulled. But Jon Rubinstein, the former CEO of Palm and then the GM of HP’s webOS division, refused to halt the release of the app. Facebook responded by restricting HP’s access to its APIs — just as it had done with Apple’s Ping, a year earlier.

Apple wanted Facebook on iPad first, HP wanted Facebook on TouchPad first, and Facebook played both sides to the apparent benefit of... nobody. Well done.

For the whole, long, sordid version of the tale, hit the source link below. Meanwhile let's hope Apple and Facebook really have unburned their bridges and we get Facebook for iPad on or around this Tuesday as rumored.

Source: Mashable

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Facebook for iPad finally coming, Facebook tensions fueled by HP?


I hate how politics plays into app releases. Just develop the damn app and push it to users. No one benefits from having these apps developed and held for months before release. Free the Apps!!!

I think that's really pathetic on Apple's part. They could've had Facebook on iPad long ago of they really wanted it, but as soon as a competitor is going to have it first, oh no, block them from getting it? Pathetic.

wrong. facebook said a long time ago they would never develop an app for the ipad because they did not consider it a mobile device. the fact that they negotiated terms to develop an app for the touchpad went against their initial reasoning. the ipad was out long before the touchpad. if the touchpad is considered a mobile device then the ipad surely should be as well. the fact that they [facebook] went behind Apple and worked with HP is what was truly pathetic. Apple had been asking for an official ipad app from the beginning.

Why would Facebook bend over for HP and not Apple? You could be right, but that doesn't make much sense to me. I'd bet if Apple had actually put much pressure on them a year ago they would've rolled out the app.

Interesting, I was convinced that the teaser graphic for iOS4 was actually a Facebook 'F' not the bottom of a '4' at the time. Now it looks like I was right!

So, Apple's CEO was unhappy that a competitor was going to have access to an application to access a thd party's service. Anti-competitive practices?