Apple highlights the apps featured in the 'Powerful' ad

Apple's launched a new page on their website to profile the apps that are featured in their most recent ad for the iPhone 5s — "Powerful". The ad, which looks at how the iPhone is used in music and other life adventures, featured several apps in real world (ish) use scenarios. Most aren't necessarily how most of use might use these apps, but it's impressive nonetheless.

Here are a few of the apps that are featured in Powerful:

Source: Apple

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Reader comments

Apple highlights the apps featured in the 'Powerful' ad


it seems like we're hitting that tipping point where neither Apple nor Android can separate themselves from each other with ap exclusivity. if these apps are Apple specific, they aren't one of a kind (ie, only iPhone has the ability to do it) as far as I can tell.

I think these commercials will now become all the same, just like car commercials have been for the last 20 years; lifestyle vs how their phone is actually different.

Does anyone know that app for the rocket launch?

Also, there was vocalist (female) in the ad, was she using amplitube or another app?

She might be using VocaLive by the same company as AmpliTube(but that's just a guess). I too also want to know what the rocket launch app was.