Apple hires mobile payments expert -- iPhone to replace your credit card?

Looks like Apple has gone and hired a NFC (near field communications) expert to be their new head mobile commerce. Benjamin Viger, formerly product manager for mobile wallet, payment, and NFC at mFoundry, NearFieldCommunicationsWorld rounds up a plethora of recent Apple patent filings he just may be helping bring to market:

  • An NFC-based mobile payments service that lets consumers make payments to merchants and other consumers via a credit or debit card, directly from their bank account or using credit stored in their iTunes account.
  • The 'iPay, iBuy and iCoupons' patents, describing a comprehensive mobile payments, mobile commerce and mobile marketing business based around an NFC-enabled iPhone.
  • Products+, an NFC-based product marketing and promotions application.
  • An airline ticketing and boarding pass application that describes an unmanned, automated airport ticketing and baggage counter kiosk and introduces the concept of an automated security checking process where users of the iTravel app could process themselves through the security clearance system and check themselves in at the boarding gate.
  • The Grab & Go patent, designed to make it easy for customers to transfer files between devices such as the Mac, iPhone and Apple TV.
  • An NFC-enabled iPod, games controller, TV and iPhone.
  • An NFC-based concert, entertainment and sports venue ticketing application that includes exclusive bonus features for users of Apple's service.

So does a world where you can wave your iPhone in close proximity to a radio receiver in order to pay for your next iPad (or pair of jeans, or turtleneck, or whatever) appeal to you?

[NearFieldCommunicationsWorld via MacRumors]

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Apple hires mobile payments expert -- iPhone to replace your credit card?


Soon, we will have to jailbreak just so that we can use paypal to pay for something on our iOS devices...

Yes, please!!! I'd love that! I have the Case-Mate Credit Card case and I love it because it let's me travel light with only my debit card and ID. This would be great for people, like me, with disabilities. I don't carry cash because it's too hard for me to manage. My disability is physical not learning.

Apple is simply getting in line with all the other hand set makers and the carriers.
Google is already ahead of the curve on this and has been positioning the Google wallet as a micropayment method as well as a tap to pay device in android.
This is fairly common in Japan, and the carriers hope to take a huge boots out of the credit card business.
Expect massive government regulation in this area. Expect it to be used as justification for even more rigerous lockdown of phones. Jailbreaking will become a criminal act once again.

This is a great idea! However they will need to work out how to keep it secure from thieves, and will go with a programable RFID chip or will they require the user to purchase a new type of credit/ debit card type of paymen that you must by from apple. Any way all I know is that will make apple millions more if they succeed.

I love the new cutting edge technology. I look forward to this way of paying for things. I do agree on how the security will need to be enhanced more than the debit card/credit cards we currently have.
By the way, I use ibank and its an awesome program. I will never go back to the pc world.....

I have never been exposed to people who will literally complain about everything. I'm sorry Rene, I love tipb but got readers complain about every damn thing!
"Apples behind the curve."
"We'll have to jailbreak."
Please shut up!!!
Now there goes my complaining!

I further news, Apple has just released iTissue. This is an app for the serious user who is never happy with anything Apple does. Now you can "virtually" wipe away all tears.
Coincidentally, this app also compatible with Android OS.

@Cameron - apple has proven to us time and time again its not a matter of if they succeed as it is when they suceed...

Funny how everyones got a complaint about Apple. As if Apple has really done wrong against people. So the iPhone 4 has antenna problems, all of the sudden anything else Apple is planning to do is a failure? Of course, Apple isn't perfect. I'd like to see the people complaining do better.

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