Apple hires MobileNotifier developer Peter Hajas

It looks like Apple has recently hired Peter Hajas, lead developer behind the popular iOS jailbreak tweak MobileNotifier, as an "iOS Apps & Frameworks" employee.

Hajas announced his departure from development on MobileNotifier in a blog post ending with a reference to Steve Jobs' closing remarks at his 2005 Stanford commencement speech saying "stay hungry and stay foolish". This tipped off iPhone Download Blog who speculated he may be heading to Apple, and sure enough he's been confirmed as an intern at their Cupertino headquarters.

It's highly unlikely we'll be seeing any of his work at WWDC 2011 next week, where Apple is set to unveil iOS 5, which is rumored to come with a completely revamped notification system.

We're guessing any changes to notifications would come from Rich Dellinger, who left Palm and returned to Apple about a year ago. Many know Dellinger as the mastermind behind the slick and unobtrusive WebOS notification system, which has been hailed by many in the smartphone community as the one of the best notifications UI on any current platform.

However, we're looking forward to seeing what Hajas can do for iOS and congratulate him on getting the job! Could this mean Apple is taking a better look at Jailbreak

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Reader comments

Apple hires MobileNotifier developer Peter Hajas


Too intrusive? Are you kidding? Compared to the stock "acknowledge me now" pop ups, it's the best thing on the platform.

I think Apple has always taken a look at jailbreak software, and that they are unlikely to do more than to keep it too inconvenient for the greater mass of users to do. It's the best experimental playground their money doesn't have to buy.

I tried the program, but it didn't work for me as I have another texting program. I have watched video interviews and he seems like a very nice person. Congratulations to Peter. Hope he helps make iOS an even easier platform to use (fewer clicks for changes in system!). Hope Apple really has been paying attention to the Jailbreak community and some of the really helpful changes that are brought be jailbreaking.

Personally I think apple must spend 100's of thousands developing new security to stop their iOS being jail broken, maybe if they spent a few good salaries recruiting the guys who work on the jailbreaks they could develop iOS to allow tweaks and less restrictions on what developers apps can do without the need for jail breaking in the first place and whist still keeping things secure. This way we would not have to jailbreak the device to load the programs its more than capable of running. I doubt any real tweaker would be worried about jail breaking iOS system just to load cracked copies to keep the freeloaders going. I'd bet that stopping the cracked programs being pirated is best part of why apple spend so much to stop it else it's suppliers will stop developing and ork on a system that is secure (or more secure)

if you want a proprietary platform that allows tweaks/beta app downloads through a nifty, centralized community, look no farther than webOS. The hardware is finally catching up to the software, but better devs are in dire need.

I like Notified Pro alot better because it keeps a history of all received notification and you can scroll thru. You can adjust how many past notification you want it to display. If Mobilenotifier adds this then I would switch.