Apple hires two Nike FuelBand engineers, sparking more iWatch rumors

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The LinkedIn profiles of two former Nike FuelBand team members have been updated to show they now work for Apple, with rumors that the company is ramping up development on its long rumored iWatch device.

The two new Apple employees are Ryan Bailey, who worked on testing the FuelBand fitness device, and Jon Gale, who was part of Nike's Digital Sport product team where he worked on hardware and firmware. Bailey's new title at Apple is Mechanical Design Engineer, while Gale is listed as a Sensing Systems Engineer at Apple.

Nike laid off a number of people from its FuelBand team earlier this year but at the time the company denied that it was exiting the hardware part of its wearable business.

It's more than possible Apple brought in these two new team members to work on the rumored iWatch, which has yet to be officially confirmed by the company. Last week, it was reported that Apple had hired Jean-Claude Biver, head of watch brands for LVMH, the parent company of the famed Swiss watch maker TAG Heuer.

Do these new team members coming from the Nike FuelBand team really mean Apple is serious about entering the wearable device market?

Source: 9to5Mac

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Apple hires two Nike FuelBand engineers, sparking more iWatch rumors


I'd say so. But this also hints that we won't see a wearable this year if they're still making all of these hires at this point.

I agree. Sounds like this is still in its earlier stages. Certainly not a product that's been rumored to come out in October.