Apple hires Xbox manager to further push iPhone and iPad gaming initiative

Apple hires Xbox manager to push iOS gaming initiative

In an update to his LinkedIn profile, Microsoft Marketing Manager for Xbox UK, Robin Burrowes, let the world know that he's been hired by Apple to push iPhone and iPad gaming even further.

Burrowes tenure at Microsoft saw him work on Xbox for roughly seven years, where he was most recently responsible for all product, business and marketing management of Xbox LIVE in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. For Apple, he's the latest in a series of high-profile British gaming recruits, following the hire of Nintendo's public relation's chief Robert Saunders last year, as well as Nick Grange -- who also at one point ran public relations for Xbox, as well as for gaming heavyweights Activision and Electronics Arts.

Microsoft came out of nowhere with the Xbox to take a significant share of the console gaming market, especially when it comes to hardcore gamers and multiplayer gaming with services like Xbox Live. Apple has seen enormous success in the mobile gaming sector after creating the App Store for iOS 2 and the iPhone 3G in 2008. Now they, along with Google's Android platform, have overtaken the likes of Sony and Nintendo when it comes to U.S. portable game software by revenue.

With Apple's last count of 550,000 apps in the App Store, and around 20% of those being games, it's not hard to see why Apple considers it important enough to hire a key gaming managers like Burrowes.

iPhones and iPads are increasingly this generations' portable gaming platforms of choice.

Source: Robin Burrowes via via AppleInsider

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Reader comments

Apple hires Xbox manager to further push iPhone and iPad gaming initiative


Good! Apple needs to come up with a better online multiplayer system. I hate having to login to big brother Facebook or create seperate accounts to play online multiplayer games with friends

Game Center is worthless. Apple had the perfect opportunity make Game Center the Xbox Live of mobile. But they went too passive and the big networks kept their own online services. So we currently have the online market is like PSN during the ps2 era when we could have a robust intergrated system like Xbox live.
I still can't believe how much Apple has dropped the ball on Game Center. Come on! It needs to be the primary method of online gaming.
Think about it, currently when you decide to play a game, and if you have a lot of friends, there may be that occasional occurance that you have a friend playing the same game at the same time online. But if Apple had made a real push to get EA and GAMELOFT to use Game Center, then the more common scenerio is that you decide you want to play a game, and you get on Game Center and see two friends are playing NOVA, so you get on and play with them.
I have many friends that have iPhones yet I only have 3 that I'm connected through Game Center, compared to when I used to have to delete people on Xbox Live to make room for one of my teammates when I was in HS.
I hope this hiring move will finally move Game Center into a position to tap into at least the surface level of its potential.

The only difference I see beewten these two phones is the Software, Camera, and RAM. The Camera is not enhanced greatly and the software is not much different either. The RAM has doubled, which is a difference. The processor hasn’t even changed, so that means that the phone’s speed is almost going to be the same as it was before.