Apple: HTTP Live Stream Technology Now Required for Streaming Video

HTTP live stream technology is now required for streaming video according to Apple's new iPhone developer RSS feed.

An innovative feature of iPhone OS 3.0 is support for HTTP Live Streaming technology. One of the great benefits this technology delivers is the ability to dynamically adjust to varying network bandwidth conditions. It lets you store multiple video clips of different quality on the server, and then deliver the one that matches what the requesting customer is capable of viewing given the network they have access to. Use of it is now required for all applications which deliver streaming video. You must include a low quality stream of no more than 64 Kbps for your app to resort to when network conditions demand it, along with the higher quality streams you want to deliver to your customers when the network can support it.

See the HTTP Live Streaming Overview in the iPhone Reference Library for details.

We've read about -- and seen -- HTTP Live Streaming before, but with Apple insisting on it, and companies like Elgato using it in EyeTV to allow streaming to the iPhone over 3G, it could be getting interesting. Concerning EyeTV's implementation, TUAW's Erica Sadun says:

Powered by the EyeTV 3.3 update (free to existing owners of EyeTV software), this technology avoids App Store hassles while providing on-demand video access to your home TV recordings and live programming. [...] As an added bonus, since Mobile Safari has access to the iPhone's TV Out capability (third-party apps can't use it, but Apple apps can), you can use a component or composite video-out cable to display your streamed video on any convenient TV.


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Reader comments

Apple: HTTP Live Stream Technology Now Required for Streaming Video


Sounds like a it could be a good thing but apple has bit my hand to many times for me to really trust them, we'll have to wait and see

@ Andrew
Please read (third party apps cannot access it, but apple apps can) that would make someone seem untrustworthy right? Access to something awesome and deny third party apps that use In your own created markeplace a.k.a. AppStore?? Not saying it won't be awesome, but like Dionte said. I'll wait and see. I use slingplayer and this seems like it could be useful to implement. Because I would like to stream that content over 3G without jailbreaking and use apps on cydia. Slinplayer would have to go webased though. Anyway we'll see.

TV-out can be added to everything on the iPhone, including third-party apps, on jailbroken devices. Jailbreaking FTW!

Which jailbreak app let's you do that?! I was going to purchase the Tv out cable until I found out it wasn't "true" Tv out like it is in the old Nokia N95 etc. If I can get my iPhone to display everything on my HDTV like I could with my old N95 then I'm up for that!

I don't understand why the DOJ is biased toward Apple and against Microsoft. When Microsoft tried to force people to use their technology and tried to block others the DOJ sued them for megabucks.
I don't have nor do I want a Mac with it's puny Core 2 duo processor.
To require Mac-only software to stream video to the iPhone or to install another Apple retrovirus like Quicktime or Bonjour on my PCs is or should be illegal.

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