Apple improves UK online shopping experience with live chat and guided tours

Apple improves UK online shopping experience with live chat and guided toursApple has upgraded its online Apple Store shopping experience in the UK with the introduction of live online chat, guided tours and product training. The new service has been rolled out for potential iPhone and iPad buyers in the UK to help them make the correct buying decisions.

Now there's a whole new way to get help from the Apple Online Store. When shopping for a new iPad or iPhone, you can get answers to all your questions through a personalised, online guided tour. We can even help set up your new product after you get it.

Visit the iPad or iPhone pages on the Apple Online Store, then click the Ask Now button to see your options for contacting a trained Apple Specialist. You can start your session with a phone call or online chat, then switch to a guided tour. Or click "Have us show you" to go straight to the tour.

The new online service even extends beyond the initial purchase. Once you have bought your iPhone or iPad, you can schedule a free online training session. The training will run through how to setup your device and is done at a pace which allows you to follow along when you have your own device in your hand. The session will cover setting up your email, how to download apps and some handy tips and tricks too.

The new service provided by Apple is another thing that differentiates it from the competition. For those that are concerned that it may just be about upselling, Apple confirms that staff do not work on commission and the only thing Apple cares about is making sure you're completely satisfied with your purchase.

The service does not appear to have gone live in the United States yet but is live in the UK now. If you see it in your country, let know.

Source: Apple Store UK

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Apple improves UK online shopping experience with live chat and guided tours

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This is not specifically about this service but . . I purchased and used a tiny Mpeg2 plug in to QuickTime for windows. When QT updated it no longer worked. After some attempts to find a solution on line, I called Apple direct and asked for help. They were as helpful and thorough as any team could be; but they could not fix it. They even passed it on to another department and THEY called me back to apologise and suggest alternatives.

Compared to almost any company in the windows universe, Apple back up is utterly amazing. I just wish they would live and let live in other areas.