Apple introduces new iMacs, FaceTime HD now everywhere... but iOS

Apple introduces new iMacs, FaceTime HD now everywhere... but iOS

Apple has pulled the trigger on quad-core "Sandy Bridge" i5 and i7 equipped, ThunderBolt port sporting, FaceTime HD packing, iMacs and as Steve Jobs would say, they're real screamers.

“Our customers love the iMac’s aluminum enclosure, gorgeous display and all-in-one design,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “With next generation quad-core processors, powerful new graphics, Thunderbolt technology and a FaceTime HD camera, we've made the world’s best desktop even better.”

The new iMac features quad-core Intel Core i5 processors with an option for customers to choose Core i7 processors up to 3.4 GHz. These next generation processors feature an integrated memory controller for an amazingly responsive experience and a powerful new media engine for high-performance video encoding and decoding. With new AMD Radeon HD graphics processors, the new iMac has the most powerful graphics ever in an all-in-one desktop.

Now that MacBook Pros and iMacs have both gotten the FaceTime HD treatment, however, we're left to wonder where the's the love for iOS? iPad 2 didn't get FaceTime HD (it stuck with the same, lame front facing VGA camera from iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4. Could iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5 finally go FaceTime HD this fall?

Or would you rather not have an HD camera staring you in the FaceTime?

[Apple PR]

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(Copy of) Dev says:

Literally millions of people want Facetime HD.
Literally dozens of people look good in HD.
And no, I'm not one of them.
It'll come, probably soon...but it's going to require extra power for questionable benefit, and bandwidth concerns will make it irrelevant except over Wifi. In the meantime, Apple has much bigger fish to fry.

jshum says:

I never use FaceTime anyways. Such a gimmick.
Screw FT and update iOS with a better notification system and UI!!

FLskydiver says:

I use FaceTime all the time. Not a gimmick.

rbiro says:

For Facetime, I want an image stabilized sensor with a really high dynamic range to be able to handle the light from the open window behind me.
More pixels of a jittery dark outline does not help me at all.

SteveW928 says:

I totally agree... I'm much rather have a better image than more rez. Though, a bit of both wouldn't hurt. The typical 'vga' rez is a bit low. And, Skype; we need Skype as FaceTime is fairly useless at this point (I think I've used it once to test it).

rob says:

I don't think FaceTime hd is on the white MacBooks or the airs so its not everywhere ;)

MAGNUS says:

I just bought an iMac in December. Should have waited.

sting7k says:

Not everything needs to be in HD. Not to mention the iPhone 4's screen is not HD and technically neither is the iPad (lacks horizontal pixels). Also in HD you can forget about it working over a cell network.

RodneyJ725 says:

Actually, I do not like the very name "FaceTime HD" I realize it's in HD for some device... But the name is just too long. I'd rather just say "FaceTime" and be done. We know iMacs, MacBook pros, etc have HD, and we know already iOS does not (probably because of the extra data to be sent/received).

Rory says:

Well we all know how this works for generations of apple devices but it would have been nice to have a better sensor in the front camera on the iPad 2 (another topic is if it should have been landscape instead of portrait) . We can look forward to slightly higher MP but hope for better sensors that can handle light and dynamic range. Even if you upsize like they do now for iPad it may still look better.
Low res works great for small iPhone/iPod screens but even the iPad shows how it is too low to be reasonable quality for 2011. But where is it really going to show? Calling laptops/desktops via facetime or skype. that is where it would be good to have HD, even if you can't view HD on your device, the other end will be able to (and might appreciate a more clear image)
I haven't seen what the quality looks like on a iPad/iPhone from a Facetime HD caller on laptop/desktop but i suspect it looks pretty nice (with decent lighting)

drumsergeant says:

I had just decided to buy my new Mac. I've had macs since 1990. But, I noticed that there no longer any DVD drives.That's damned stupid. I guess I'm going to have to switch to a PC. And I hate MS with a passon.

murphtall says:

wow, william, the tech specs say, and i quote "Slot-loading 8x SuperDrive with 4x double-layer burning (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)"

drumsergeant says:

Perhaps the neglected to put in the list of I read. I just got off the phone with Apple and they said that the items seems to be missing on some ads. Thanks

Crunch says:

Boring? LOL...Hardly. Imma upgrade from my 27" 2010 to the 2011 model cause it's freeeehhh...:D:D:D Maybe we should wait before getting these until Apple has the free iPod touch's again. :D This year, it'll be 3rd gen. iPod touch.
And they're ALL Quad core Sandy Bridge with AMD 6000 series GDDR5 graphics. The 27" gets TWO ThunderBolt ports and blah, yea, the HD camera for iChat/FaceTime is cool, too, I'm sure. Last but not least, for the first time, we can get a full 2GB GDDR5 discrete VRAM on a Mac other than the Mac Pro. Now let's see WDC, LaCie, G-Drive come out with some ThunderBolt RAID NAS devices. 800MB per second read and 700MB/s write speeds. Imma move Terabytes worth of files back and forth just for the hell of it! haha...

kingweb says:

Big deal, use skype or yahoo. You dont need wifi for that.
Besides that, it is just a novelty that wears off after a while.

Carioca32 says:

Wow, Rene called the iPad 2 camera "lame". I thought I would never see this day :) I also think that Facetime is largely irrelevant, since Mac owners have friends and family with different OSs and diferent devices, and everybody can use Skype, but only Apple owners can (or want to) use Facetime. But wasn't i7 already available in last year models?

Joe says:

I have a 3.5 year old iMac and MacBook Pro and an iPad 2. I use FaceTime on all three. I think it's great. I'm having fun. I wish it worked on my iPhone 3GS. For the naysayers, that's ok. I'll just keep having fun and they'll be...

ward09 says:

I'd rather have FaceTime over 3G.

DRHughes says:

I say YES! We need a HD camera for the iPhone 5!