Apple introduces a new iPod touch: 4 inch Retina Display, no rear camera for $229

Apple has introduced a new member of the iPod touch family, which seems to be replacing the 4th generation models that remained on sale following the launch of the 5th generation Touch. This new one comes with the same 4-inch Retina Display as the 5th generation iPod touch, but removes the rear camera, and is available to purchase now online for $229.

Besides the lack of a rear camera, this new Touch is pretty much on par with the already available 5th generation. We still get a FaceTime HD camera on the front, an A5 chip inside, and that same slim design -- albeit not available in the same wild colors. The new Touch comes with a silver back, no more chrome, of a similar finish it appears to the back of the white iPad Mini.

Only available in a 16GB configuration, at $229 this latest model is $70 less than the rest of the 5th generation iPod touch range. That's a good chunk of change. It's available to order online now, with an in-store pickup date of May 31 available in the U.S. Are you going to be picking one of these up? Is the lack of a rear camera something that would deter you? Let us know!

Source: Apple

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Reader comments

Apple introduces a new iPod touch: 4 inch Retina Display, no rear camera for $229


This is very interesting. I'm looking forward to reading a few reviews on it, and seeing what it's like!

I'm guessing also that Apple have decided to drop support for the iPod touch 4th gen with iOS 7, and they didn't want to still be selling something that they won't continue to support software wise. Interestingly, iPhone 4 is still available for sale, which probably means that it will be receiving the iOS 7 update.

Finally, what 'generation' of iPod touch is this counted as? Is it an entirely new, 6th gen? Or just an upgraded 4th gen. Maybe a 4 and a half-th gen? :p

" ... iPhone 4 is still available for sale, which probably means that it will be receiving the iOS update."

Unless they are discontinuing the 4, 4s, and 5 all together this year. If they move to a low cost model it would make sense that they will stop with the nonsense of keeping three years models on the market simultaneously.

I personally think the 4th gen was the best iPod. I didn't get the 5th due to the slimmer size and the bigger screen was not much of a draw. Without the rear camera, I think this iPod will flop, no matter how low the price goes. Maybe they created it for niche market like schools?

It is a way to meet the lower price and get rid of a product that they won't be supporting ahead of the announcement on iOS 7.

Though not sure why it can't have a camera and 16 GB for $199. If doubling memory paths on the rest of the line were to hold true.

For a lot of people the front facing camera is probably enough. This with a freedom pop case would be a nice phone alternative.

I don't see how the lack of a rear camera would qualify this iPod as iOS 7 upgradeable ang the model before not. In fact it looks less upgradeable, not more. I think Apple just wants to cut the price.

The 4th gen iPod touch is an underpowered iPhone 4. So we know the 3GS is not getting iOS 7. The iPhone 4 will be. The iPhone 4 is now going to be the oldest tech (the 4th gen iPod touch, while a few months younger than the iPhone 4 is slower/older hardware).

Timing make perfect sense. 10 days before WWDC. Also, the benefit of getting rid of yet one more 30-pin device. Don't be surprised if we soon see the death of the iPad 2.

I don't see the iPhone 4 being included for an iOS 7 update. It only sports a single-core processor. From here on in, it's multi-core or nothing.

I don't fully disagree with you. It will depend. New "low cost" iPhone (the free on contract one) comes out? No need. But until the 4S becomes the free on contract iPhone, absent any new/rumored low cost options, I can see it getting limited iOS 7 functionality, as the 3GS did with iOS 6 (due to it being sold at the time iOS 6 was announced)

actually this is not a big deal, for $70 less, you get no back camera and 16GB less of storage. Why would you want to save $70 for half the storage space. They should have priced it at $150 or $200. I do not see people jumping on this.

For some people an iPod is still primarily a music player, with the touch having the obvious bonus features. $70 less when it's sat next to the others in the store could be a more tempting proposition than you're giving credit for

If all a user wants us music player they buy 16gb iPod mini. Not this. It will sell. But your logic is a little off in my opinion. (No offense)

i never understood why apple makes these ipods with basically no storage. what good is 16gb? especially for that kind of price. I need at least an 80gb. the people that buy these must not be big music fans or something.

No, they just don't torrent anything and everything. At an average album size of lets say 200MB (probably high) and price of $10 (almost certainly low), that's Approx $800 of music, to fill 16 GB.
If you're spending more than $800 on music, you can splurge a little on your iPod.
If you're torrenting all your music, you're a cheapskate anyway, and are just trying to get more without paying for it.

Also, you don't NEED to carry ALL your music all the time, or you can buy an iPod classic still. The rest of us just switch out our music for whatever we're in the mood to listen to.

Personally I don't know anyone that pays for music anymore. The artists know that and so do the record labels. A music lover doesn't have that kind of money to spend on every single album (unless they're rich). I do need to have all my music all the time, that's why I have a ipod classic. I'm probably gonna get the last one they make too before they phase that out.

I think its a good idea i had an ipod touch 4 before i got an iphone 5 and it was a lagy peace of trash and it scratch easily. Ive tried the ipod touch 5 and its alot better i dont know why they kept the old one in the first place.

I got this new ipod... Unaware that this one came out. I hate the dact that it has no camera! I cant use bine anymore bc it says there was a problem with the camera. I got it yesterday and i like it except that it has no camera! Apple was my favorite electronic place now im kinda mad.

So from what I can figure out, I must have this I pod touch. A rear camera is the camera that takes the pictures of the world out in front of me then? I would figure that would have been a "front" camera, not a rear camera. And would this deter me?! YES!!!! But I received my I pod as a very thoughtful gift from my boyfriend who got it for me to listen to music on, which now reading the article, I realize with the games and podcasts I have downloaded already, and enjoy-it won't leave me much room for music. And what THE HELL is wrong with people in America that they would rather have a camera that takes selfies instead of the rest of the world.?! I am going to have to get good at aiming the camera at something I can't see in the cameras viewfinder, I guess. Stupid Apple.