Apple iOS apps updated for compatibility with 'iPhone 6'. Wait... What?!

Apple iOS apps updated for compatibility with iPhone 6. Wait... What?!

Some of Apple's iOS apps in some regional App Stores are showing compatibility with "iPhone 6". The screenshot above comes from the listing for iMovie for iOS from the Canadian App Store iTunes Preview page. Here's the text from

Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch, and iPad. This app is optimized for iPhone 6

So what does this mean? Several possibilities come to mind:

  1. People make mistakes. Data entry is imperfect. It's happened before, and it'll certainly happen again. It'll get corrected and we'll move on.
  2. People accidentally leak things. Apple will be using the iPhone 6 name for what we've all been calling the iPhone 5s device, or for another device. Apple will announce it on Tuesday and again, we'll move on.
  3. Apple has a sense of humor. We've seen strings for iPhone 10,1 inserted into firmware before just to have a little fun with bloggers.
  4. iPhone 6 is the going conversion rate for iPhone 5s in Canada. (Sadly, we're no longer at par.)

Update: The New Zealand App Store page is showing 'iPhone 7'. Clearly they're suffering from even worse inflation.

We'll know for sure on September 10. In the meantime, we'll be announcing another $500 countdown-to-iPhone-5S (or 6!) prize winner on Monday, so if you haven't already, hurry up and enter now!.

Then tell me what you think "iPhone 6" is all about.

Source: via The Verge

iPhone 5s

iPhone 6
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iPhone 6s
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Apple iOS apps updated for compatibility with 'iPhone 6'. Wait... What?!


The fact that Apple is including a unicorn cam means iPhone 5S is simply not appropriate any longer. It deserves it's own staple revision due to that feature alone. Duh.

Nutella dispenser? & here I thought it was just Android who was going after name brand chocolates :D

If you check the screenshots on the NZ iTunes Store for that app the first image's resolution is different than the rest... The first one is "skinnier" meaning it is shorter vertically

And up until Sep 10th you can order an iPhone 9S from Nigeria for just $250 in electronic fund transfer!

Is it signed/engraved by that generous Nigerian prince I've heard so much about?? Bc if so, count me in!!!!

Why would apple post something that most everybody wants (newer bigger and better iPhone 6) only to disappoint them with a questionable humor. I think there would be a huge backlash by their customers. I'm leaning towards the iPhone 6 release.

If you have an iPhone 5, launch Airport Utility and take a look at the list of devices.
(If you're connected to an Airport base station.) Your iPhone 5 is listed as an "iPhone-6."

So basically the router is a better marketer than Apples marketing strategists. iPhone (original), iPhone II (3G), iPhone III (3GS), iPhone IV (4), iPhone V (4S), iPhone VI (5) is what the iPhones should have been called. The next iPhone would and should be the iPhone VII running iOS7. The iPhone C would be a whole new spin off perhaps iPhone C. C being safe since I doubt we will get to the iPhone 100.

Who gives a rip what the phone is going to be called? It's going to be the same hardware whether they call it the 5S, 6, iPhone Turbo or whatever.