New Apple iPhone Ads Go After Boredom, Parents' Hearts

First steps

Apple began airing two new iPhone ads last night during the Olympics (what hockey game?), one going after boredom by showing what you can do with your iPhone while you wait, and the other going after the hearts of parents (and grandparents) everywhere. Interestingly, neither featured the "app for that" or "app for almost everything" tag lines Apple has been using since 2008.

"On hold" starts off with the male caller being placed on hold, though he doesn't mind because his iPhone means he can use the internet while he waits. He checks email, uses the Bank of America app [Free - iTunes link] to pay bills, and then the App Store to buy, download, and play Monopoly [$4.99 - iTunes link]

(Also interesting, they show the iPhone on Wi-Fi and not 3G, and don't take any more swipes at Verizon for not being able to handle simultaneous voice and 3G data. Then again, Monopoly is too large to be downloaded over 3G even with the new 20MB limit ;) ) He finishes with "I need my iPhone for, well, everything".

"First Steps" has a new mom use Camara to video record her baby son's first steps, then Messages to MMS the video to everyone. Next, she uses Phone to easily set up a conference call to discuss said first steps. It ends with "we would never have shared all that without the iPhone".

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New Apple iPhone Ads Go After Boredom, Parents' Hearts


Why would Apple attack Verizon. It's At&t that has the ads that attack Verizon. And has any one else noticed that At&t never advertises the iPhone ? All the iPhone ads are from Apple.

What hockey game? Virtually no one in the US saw it because NBC didn't carry it. The inept NBC Sports execs chose to show taped coverage of the new Ski Cross event which had no Americans, the taped mens combined skiing and live Ice Dancing! They later showed the last few seconds and said it was the greatest game since the 1980 Miracle on Ice. Too bad they didn't show it. Idiots!
Sorry, I now return you back to the iPhone commercials...

@Doubledown i at&t and Apple have a weird but unique relationship with eachother. Apple makes the phone, and at&t gives the service. It's not like everyother traditional carrier and phone manafacture company relationship. So, in other words, Apple will just focus on advertising it's own mobile device, and at the end, also post what carrier their mobile device is from. So people don't get confused. As for at&t, they just advertise their own ads, and don't worry about Apple's iPhone, so either way, they can advertise their other phones that they hold.

What's really telling is that the newest map ads from Verizon suddenly have devices other than the iPhone.
Could we finally be seeing the ice melt for negotiating for a new Verizon-based iPhone? It wouldn't hurt anyone, even AT&T for that matter, to see exclusivity end.

No because those ads just dont happen over night. They take months of planning. Verizon has been at this for a while now. Verizon also does not plan to carry the iphone as long as they are on CDMA. They had the opportunity and they passed once again back in Jan. because Apple wants to much profit sharing over the iphone. AT&T promised apple network improvment and continued profit sharing over iPhone and break through internet deal with iPad. Verizon doesn't need the iPhone to be the largest carrier they have become that without it. Also AT&T has the iphone locked up until at least 2011 now and if AT&T LTE rolls out fast enough expect the iphone to stay with them. Apple has is too good to leave. I can honestly say this because i work for Verizon and was on the confrence call when our American CEO said, Verizon was in talks with apple to pick up their entire line but negiotiations have been put off due to apples demands. That doesn't mean Verizon is completly out but AT&T can continue throwing money at apple and their relationship will never end if that continues.

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