Apple iTablet Gone Wild: Nerdfights, Molotovs, and iPads, and Assorted Other Craziness


Now that we've got the iPhone, the only thing currently left to fantasize (fetishize?) about seems to be the iTablet, with rumors increasing at an exponential rate -- and maybe bringing more than a little crazy on with them.

First up, following Brian Lam's story yesterday concerning the iTablet and it possibly shipping soon, former Macworld'er Jim Dalrymple says on The Loop that his sources confirm it ain't happening before 2010, which matches up with what John Gruber's hearing on Daring Fireball, and previous accounts from Apple Insider. Hopefully this will be settled before the Twitter nerdfights escalate (or we run out of popcorn).

Hey, maybe Apple can show off the iTablet during an October 2009 laptop event, then ship it next year, like they did with the Apple TV and original iPhone? That make everyone happy?

Brian Lam also mentioned a mysterious, yet "it all made sense" code name for the iTablet. Funnest theory we've heard so far? "Molotov" from Twitter user Jason Diaz who thinks Apple's going to use the iTablet to make their upcoming Cocktail initiative da bomb this winter. (Wikipedia it).

Next up, Justin pointed us to a MacLife post which shows a Border survey asking if an Apple iPad is high up on the "will be purchasing" list. We've heard the name iPad before, so is this just a resurgence of old rumors by a company sadly out of iTouch, or more fuel for that naming fire?

Lastly -- for today at least -- the Macalope thinks that if Apple is really ready to ship a tablet, they must have found "a hook". We think so too, but like the 'lope we struggle to see what it is aside from "big screen iPhone/iPod touch". Likely hindsight, come this or next year, will fix that...

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Apple iTablet Gone Wild: Nerdfights, Molotovs, and iPads, and Assorted Other Craziness


I don't think the pad is gonna live up to all this hype. But it will sell great because of the Apple Logo and the touch screen.

In keeping with their naming convention of iPhone and iPod iPad would make sense to me. It's short, catchy, who wants some long winded name.
Will they kick one out soon? Hard to say but if they don't put out an iPad they better put out something. Sales of the iPhone on other carriers and in China in 2010 will help their bottom line a little, but they need something or they will start to die like the Dell.

What did they call those things in Star Trek: TNG/DS9? Surely that has to be what steve et al are trying to replicate? I hope to goodness it'll be skinnable- an LCARS theme might make me mess my pants a wee bit!