Apple knocks $25 off of maximum iPhone trade-in value

iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c

Now the most credit you can get for trading in your old iPhone to Apple is $225, which is down from $250, or $270 in Canada. The change is currently shown on Canadian retail store pages and U.S. sites, but expect the change to be happening elsewhere in the world too.

Apple's trade-in program started about a year ago, though obviously plenty of retailers have been offering their own for some time. It's not a huge surprise to see this change since these devices are getting older and losing resale value. You'll rarely make as much trading in your iPhone at the store as you might through selling the device on your own, but it sure is more convenient. Read our guide on how to sell your iPhone if you're considering taking part in Apple's trade-in option, however shrunk your cut may be.

Have you guys ever used Apple's trade-in program? What do you usually do with your old device when you're due for an upgrade?

Source: iPhone in Canada

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Apple knocks $25 off of maximum iPhone trade-in value


I keep my old phones and buy a new one. The old ones are still useful as iPods and on wifi with all their apps, plus if my current iPhone takes a sh!t, I can switch to an old one as a backup until I replace it.

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Could there be a correlation between them taking less on a trade in a a new pricing point for iPhones for the fall?

These always give you less, that is just how it always have been. You can get much more $$ on sites like craigslist, ebay, swappa, etc