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Apple launches iTunes Pass in the U.S., UK, Australia and more

Following the initial launch in Japan, Apple has now begun to push its new iTunes Pass out to a more global audience. Initially we've been able to verify that the U.S. and the UK are now seeing it, but there are reports from all around the world such as Australia, Spain, Germany, Canada and the Netherlands that are also seeing iTunes Pass availability.

Now you can add money directly to your iTunes or App Store account with iTunes Pass. To get iTunes Pass, go to the iTunes Store on your iOS device, scroll down, and tap the Redeem button. Then go in to any Apple Retail Store and let a Specialist know you want to add credit to your account. Open iTunes Pass in Passbook, and have the Specialist scan it and accept your payment. Your balance will be updated and can be used immediately.

Adding funds via iTunes Pass is faster than buying a physical gift card, and should be a useful feature for those who are looking to quickly add funds to their App Store account. The service is available on the iPhone and iPod Touch and while the official Apple page hasn't yet been updated with a definitive list, it does note at this point that Brazil, Turkey and China won't be getting it.

Do you normally buy gift cards? If so, would you be interested in using iTunes Pass instead?

Source: Apple

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Reader comments

Apple launches iTunes Pass in the U.S., UK, Australia and more


I don't really see how this offers any advantage over gift cards, particularly as you need to be in the vicinity of an Apple Store.

Although maybe if you can choose the exact amount you want to top up with rather than being restricted to £15 etc.

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This will be huge for the under 18 market. People without credit cards have to buy gift cards to get apps, or pay for anything and it's basically a waste of time workaround. Sooooo many kids use iPod touches, even iPhones, and it gets them in to apple stores too, as opposed to just a corner store.

This is a well thought out move. Means *nothing* to me personally, but good to see Apple is on the ball.

Faster than a gift card which is available at basically every drug store, big box retailer, or convenience store? Maybe if you are standing right in front of an Apple store. Sounds pretty useless to me.

I have to agree with that. The nearest Apple store is 40 miles from me, in hideous DC traffic. I will never use this.

I'm sort of guessing it's like the Starbucks card where you can just go online and add 20 bucks from a credit card. hell i think you can do it from inside the starbucks app or maybe passbook. So i'm guessing you wouldn't actually have to go to an apple store. If you do well then that's stupid.

Faster than a gift card? We are talking about the gift cards you buy ANYWHERE, and redeem by taking a picture of the back of the card? Easier than that? Sounds like a need to justify passbook to me.

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Not useful at all to me. When they can have an app that works like Dunkin, Starbucks, etc, where you can add value right from the app, then I'll listen.

Works great; added it from my AU account this afternoon, walked into the Apple Store and threw some $ on my account.

Noticed you can log in and add passes from different accounts in different regions; while the passes live in Passbook, they cannot be used instore - the specialist will get an error about only supporting accounts in the same region.

I will keep using gift cards for 2 reasons. One is that my nearest Apple Store is about a half hour drive away, and here in Australia, there is usually a major retailer selling discount iTunes cards at up to 25% off. My favourite deal I look for is $40 credit for $30.

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I would like the ability to use the money in my iTunes account to purchase physical items from the Apple Store.

Who pays retail for iTunes credits/gift cards? There is always deals at, ebay, etc for discounted gift cards. I'm a fan of the $80 for $100 in iTunes gift card deal. $20 in free apps/songs/etc Giddy up!

It would be good if we could use this somehow (and I haven't got the first clue how) to buy apps from other countries iTunes stores, cause it can be a damn inconvience to find out you can't purchase an app because it's in another countries iTunes Store. Thereby making the iTunes Store truly international.

For me this is possibly the most useless feature. Appreciating others may find it more useful, I can't understand what the purpose is. Firstly my nearest Apple store is 25 miles and not an easy journey. Secondly if I can afford to use a credit/bank card to add funds to my account, I can afford to purchase whatever items from iTunes or the App Store that the funds are intended for with the same payment method. You can also gift items to other people including gift cards straight from the App Store. It can't hurt to have an extra way of doing things but I think the reason for the low key nature of the roll out, may be to do with the fact that this really isn't a big deal.

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Easiest thing of all: send yourself funds as a gift from within iTunes... You get the code emailed in seconds!

Forgive me but now I use one click from my iphone or iPad or iMac. I don't quite get the advantage here ? Can you explain me ? Thank you

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