Apple launches new iTunes Pass service in Japan to let you top-up on credit in-store

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Apple has unveiled a new iTunes Pass service, enabling consumers to add credit to their Apple account by purchasing funds from sales representatives at an Apple Store. Using an iPhone or iPod touch, the sales rep scans in the amount through Passbook, which can then be utilized on the App Store. This saves the consumer from having to use a debit (or credit) card attached to the account or having to redeem cards. Unfortunately, this service appears to be limited to Japan for the time being.

The tech company describes exactly how this process works. "Use iTunes Pass to make direct deposits into your App Store or iTunes account. To get iTunes Pass, visit the iTunes Store on your iOS device, scroll down and tap on the 'Use iTunes Card/Code' button. After that, a Specialist at an Apple Store near you will be able accept payment by scanning the iTunes Pass card in Passbook. Your balance will be updated on the spot and is available immediately." There are multiple advantages to the new iTunes Pass, including saving on producing gift cards.

As noted above, iTunes Pass is not yet available in numerous regions, making it look as though Apple is running a pilot scheme to iron out bugs and whatnot.

Source: Apple, via: 9to5Mac

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Apple launches new iTunes Pass service in Japan to let you top-up on credit in-store


For a second I got my hopes up and thought it was an iTunes music pass like xbox music pass.

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