Apple launches WWDC 2013 companion app for iPhone and iPad

Developers heading to -- or for that matter not heading to -- WWDC 2013 will want to head into the App Store and pick up the new WWDC app for iPhone and iPad. The essential conference tool, the new app will help you manage your schedule with locations and times for each session, and Passbook integration for the iPhone makes for speedier on-site registration.

Registered developers not able to attend the conference in person can still follow along from home, as video of each session will be available daily. Those that are there can also use the app to keep up with the latest news, important notifications and view maps of the venue to help them find their way around.

We're getting closer, just a week left to go before things kick off in San Francisco. Who's excited?

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Reader comments

Apple launches WWDC 2013 companion app for iPhone and iPad


This app looks pretty flat, mostly grey, with some color highlights where necessary. I'm thinking we'll be seeing a lot more like this at WWDC.

Lots of "to be announced" session in pretty much everything: services, tools, frameworks, gaming and Core OS

Curious. I've never paid attention or has access to scheduling etc. is there anything in the order of labs, TBA sessions, and what have you that's worth making speculations on? Or is this app, for a non developer, outsider, just an insight into visuals we can expect to see. I glanced and didn't see a specific AppleTV session, missed it maybe? Or am I just hoping for between the lines readings that aren't there.

It's not really much use to anyone who isn't a registered developer. Those TBA sessions are likely connected to iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 which obviously haven't yet been announced. Probably not wanting to give anything away ;-)

Thanks. I wasn't sure if there was more news in there, I was hoping, but I guess I'll have to wait. I hate waiting.