Apple leadership continues to branch out as Peter Oppenheimer joins board of Goldman Sachs

Apple leadership continues to branch out as Peter Oppenheimer joins board of Goldman Sachs

Apple Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer has joined the Board of Directors of investment banking firm Goldman Sachs. Oppenheimer will remain in his position as Apple's CFO. With this appointment, he'll also become a member of a number of the Board's committees. His experience with risk management and technology is highlighted on his Goldman Sachs information page:

Through his positions as CFO and Controller at Apple and Divisional CFO at ADP, Mr. Oppenheimer has significant experience in the preparation and review of financial statements as well as capital and risk management. He also brings to our Board experience in the oversight of technology and technology risks, which he has developed in connection with, among other things, his oversight of information systems at Apple. Through his service on the boards of directors of not-for profit entities and as CFO at Apple, Mr. Oppenheimer has developed experience in corporate governance and leadership.

Oppenheimer isn't the first member of Apple's senior leadership to take a board position outside the company. In late 2012, SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue joined Ferrari's board.

What do you think of Apple's senior leadership joining the boards of other companies? Let us know below in the comments.

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Reader comments

Apple leadership continues to branch out as Peter Oppenheimer joins board of Goldman Sachs


Tim Cook joining the board of Nike got us Nike+ on iOS. Eddy Cue joining the board of Ferrari got us CarPly on Ferrari. This gets us...?

A get out of jail free card, commit any crime and you will do no time, and you get tens of millions of dollars in compensation for it!!!

Goldman Sachs is a despicable corporation. This is an epic fail.

Still a little and they throw you in jail. Steal a lot and they make you king.

That's how it is in a Plutocracy, Apple should kick this guy to the curb if he's gonna go evil on us.

And so we see money chasing money. Interesting that one of Apples top execs now joins one the biggest money firms in the world. You people still think Apple isn't just like every other money hungry corporation? Reference the write up on the shareholders meeting from this weekend & look at the comment section. So much blind love & adoration for what's obvious political posturing by Tim Cook.

I happen to like Apple & use their products daily. But Tim Cook is starting to worry me sticking his nose into outside political causes. Lateral moves like this by Oppenheimer also should be a concern. Liberal activism is good red meat for Apples predominantly liberal buyers. Oh & for Mr Fossil Fuels himself Al Gore on the board it looks good in photo ops. But political winds change & Apple will find itself a target in future witch hunts. The kind of witch hints that involve major regulations & gov't fines & oversight will be on the horizon.

This move by Peter Oppenheimer, who is pretty wealthy & works for a very wealthy company, shouldn't be a surprise to anybody who pays attention. Expect Goldman Sachs to take a larger bite of the Apple soon.