Apple Makes Good on Promise, Begins Offering $100 Store Credit to Early Adopters


Oh cheer up, guys. Sure it's only $100...but think of all the wondrous things you do with that trifling sum. Why, you can buy half an iPod. Or .0000001% of a MacBook Pro. Or a king's ransom in iTunes music. Har har.

Seriously though, I know this offer won't pacify all of my outspoken readers, but it's something anyway. Take the money, use it to buy yourself something nice, like an iPod or MacBook. Life is too short to fret over money. Go enjoy yourself, and have a nice weekend!


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Reader comments

Apple Makes Good on Promise, Begins Offering $100 Store Credit to Early Adopters


they spent a week 1/2 finding out a way for people that are busy to go online and redeem the credit, with a deadline of 45 days to do it... Hmmm... Im guessing apple is hoping to have half the people do this..& the other half to forget. Thus saving themselves money.. Anyway im going to do it.. I wont let steve keep my 200$

Actually you CANNOT use the credit towards iTunes! How am I not surprised, just another way to piss me off...
Anybody willing to buy a $100 credit for $75?

You won't let Steve Jobs keep your $200? He's going to rape you some more when you go in with that $100 and come out with something that's three times that credit. And when you get the next iPhone, and the next, and the next, and the next. I mean, you posted on an iPhone blog. I'm sure he's going to get much more than $200 from you sooner or later.

I was actually able to use the credit at the online store for two $50 gift cards. No hiccups yet! Got the order acknowledgement e-mail and I'm waiting on the shipping notification.

Well I went to use my $100 Apple Store credit today, and it says the balance is $0.00.
I called the Gift card hotline (as instructed on the iPhone credit page) and they confirmed the balance was $0.00. I asked them if they could tell me where or how it was used and she said "there is no information". I told her that I did not yet use the card and she said to call 800-692-7753.
I called and they told me they can't help me over the phone, and that I have to email "" So off goes the email, and an auto-reply says to allow them '5 business days' to respond. Ouch.
Guess its going to be even longer before I get to use that $100 credit...

Just thought I would post an update - I re-did the credit process and was given a completely different credit number/pin. I called and checked the status on this one and it was indeed $100.
Just a tip I guess if anyone runs into the same/similar issue.

damn dog hit my arm and made me hit the submit button before I could spellcheck that!
Don't be so quick to take Jobs' pittance. Who knows what the savvy attorney out there who's been screwed will do to remedy this situation. After all, telling you you can have a hundred bucks back and then telling you what you can and can't spend it on seems like quite a springboard for someone who wants to cost Apple a bit more money on attorney fees.
I for one am going to hold off for a few weeks to see what is done, if anything, in the courts about this.
I feel if I want to use the money to purchase an Apple gift card then I go* da*n will! Jobs just wants the money spent NOW before the years ends so he can keep this tragedy on the 2007 books. Again, Jobs telling you what you can and cant have while trying to be magnanymous about the whole thing. I just watched the keynote posted on Apple's website in it's entirety. It only takes about 5 minutes to really notice how friggin arrogant this putz is. Deliberate pauses to subconciously force the audience for applause, constantly telling you how awesome this crap is. It's like he can't differentiate between stockholders and customers. Customers don't give a sh%t about how many stores Jobs has or how many "units" he's sold. And the people there at the show, were they investors or where they there to report the event. Again, the pompous ass that Jobs is actually posts his greedy plans on their website like telling us how much cash he thinks he's going to rake in for Christmas means jack shi* to anyone other than him and his friends.
Amazing. Don't register for the drippings for the poor from this guy yet. The tune may still change after those with more time than personality are through with this.
Just a thought.

I am thrilled with the $100 rebate. I absolutely love my iPhone. IMHO it is nothing less than a masterpiece. (Of course, this is after using literally the cheapest phone Verizon had available 4 years ago - that's another story!) I knew the limitations of the iPhone when I bought it. After the shock of the price drop and the knee-jerk reaction, I realized that the phone was worth the $600 to me when I bought it. I am thrilled that I have now only paid $500. The iPhone is great. AT&T sucks.

I'd never knock the value of the phone, as far as phones go it's definitely a breakthrough in terms of the hardware's ability to run a chopped OSX and the quality of the screen. I wonder how long the hardware's been available that apple just now got it all together in one package or if Apple was the first to get it. At any rate, I purchased 2 phones about a month after they were released. I've never had any problems with either in any way, including email :)
My gripe is that with such an assembly of hardware and software I felt it was worth the 600 bucks also. But when J dropped the price so drastically it signaled to me that there was much more profit in the hardware than I was awed by in the first place. This led me, and several others it seems, to feel that Jobs overpriced the hardware immensely based on his perceived demand rather than turn a fair profit from the start. When a company drops the price on their product so much so quick, it can only mean there is was a ton of profit in it in the first place. To me, the value of the phone and technology was there since in comparison of price and features I felt I was getting more than what was currently out there. What I don't appreciate is being banged for bucks well beyond what is reasonable profit. I'm not a firm believer in supply and demand. I don't feel that just because only one kid on the block has the best flavor lemonade that he is justified in charging more for the flavor. Likewise, I feel that the time=money spent on labor to devise the phone and the hardware cost plus a fair profit is reasonable. I don't believe that Jobs is justified in sitting back and laughing amongst his cohorts going "man we got a totally new concept in phones, let's JAM it up their butts and hit 'em hard for the privilege of owning one." And that's what Jobs did, he jammed it up our ass for the privilege of owning one, and that to me is NOT customer care.
The phone is cool tho :-0

It's not necessarily that there was too much profit, and that is why Jobs dropped the price so quickly. More likely the case was that Apple had no idea how many units this thing would sell. They were likely fairly confident that there would be a number of people that would pay $600 to be the first to have it, but outside of that, I don't think anybody had any idea it would sell quite this well. So Apple wanted to make sure they could cover their development costs first. Then, when sells were very strong, and Apple became pretty certain they could at least cover their costs, they made a decision that they could make more profit and gain greater market share by lowering the price. I would be willing to bet if Apple knew demand would be this high all along, the initial $600 price tag wouldn't have been quite as high, there would have still been a price drop, its just smart business to segment the market into people who are willing to pay more and people who are willing to wait.
Sometimes I get the feeling that a lot of the people who are mad about this price drop aren't mad because they over paid, they're mad because its going to allow other people to jump on the iphone and take away some of the "ohmygodyou'vegotaniphone!" appeal that I think a lot of people bought the phone for.

The I phone was my first Apple product. I have had every Blackberry since they came out. The I Phone is so much better than anything else that it is worth $1000. Just think, you don't need to buy an I pod or a digital camera, and you have the easiest best phone
and combination device ever. I am a heavy business user with 9000 minutes per month, and it is just great so do not understand why peoploe say it is not suitable for business. Is it perfect? No, but it sure is alot better than anything else out there by far, and this is Apples first attempt, and it makes Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG Palm, and everyone else look like amateurs. I was a little miffed for a few minutes about the price drop, but when Steve announced the rebate, and when I actually used it and it took one minute to process, I was overjoyed. What other company is history made it so easy to get a rebate? From the design of the phone to the revolutionary on line way of activating it, to great customer service, Apple is the best. Let them make as much money as they can-they deserve it for making such great products. They will sell millions of I Phones and have plenty of R & D money to make the I Phone even better. I am going to switch all of my home and business computers to Apple this Fall when the new operationg system comes out, and will now longer be a Microsoft customer with its virus causing operating systems. Apple is the best, and they made the best phone. Anyone who complains should sell their I Phone just go back to all the garbage on the market and should be blacklisted from buying an Apple product for life! Just kidding. It is a killer device.

FJR has a point there, Andy sounds like an Apple employee :(
Very valid point there FJR, in contrast though, watch that Apple keynote clip on their site. Jobs comes across as both supremely smug about his products and yet humble. I think the humble comes from being a 90 pound wimp mostly, but watch the smirks and listen to the salesmanship in what he says. Through the past, I seem to recall those remarking about the man as calling him smug, overconfident and unyielding to the advise of others. From that I gather he's always had a single goal, and that was to overtake the PC in sales and have his machinery become the top selling home computer platform. Since he has no chance of that in the close future, he's turned his sights on the cellphone market as another method to get a larger section of the public using his OS. Now that all those PC users have purchased iPhones and fallen in love with the OS on it, and let's face it there's nothing more to this phone than it's operating system, those people might start hitting Apple's website to check out their other more costly hardware. Selling a cellphone with their OS on it was a sound business decision, likely made in the hopes that it steers customers over to other apple products, kinda like ole' Andy up there!!

I don't feel that there should've been anything given to those who paid the original $600 dollars for the iphone. The people that paid the original price knew that there would be price drops, they just didn't know that it would happen so soon. The extra money is the price of having the newest technology before everyone else has it. Now Apple is giving away credit and people are complaining?