Apple mocked again by latest Samsung advertising, but does it have a point?

Samsung USA has pulled the wraps of its latest Apple-mocking ad campaign today, but does it have a point this time? The ads in question — one up top, one down below — show the Galaxy Note 3 and brand new Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. LeBron James is "running away from this (i)Phone" because of its small, non-HD display, while the Tab Pro is chosen over the iPad Air on its multitasking and display quality. The question is, are Samsung's points valid? Are they mocking Apple based on features that iPhone and iPad owners really do desire?

The iPhone 5s display is by no means poor quality. The Retina Display is as good today as it was when it launched. Apple has set reasons over why it chooses the resolution of its displays across the iPhone and iPad, sure. But when other manufacturers are going to 1080p displays at as small as 4.7-inches, is Samsung right in suggesting that folks are looking to such specs when they're choosing a new smartphone?

The tablet question is a little trickier. For example, I like to use my iPad when I'm relaxing as many other folks do. I can't be properly productive on my iPad, and honestly, I don't want to be. But there's no doubt there are those that do. However, in this regard I'm not sure the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 is the answer. I used one briefly at CES, and the display is stunning, but the interface still leaves a lot to be desired. It's an improvement on Samsung tablets of old, but it still reeks of cramming as much as possible in front of your face.

The iPhone 6 has been widely rumored to sport a larger display. We recently ran a post that got a lot of you guys talking, asking if you'd be disappointed if the iPhone 6 didn't have a larger display. There was a lot of feedback on both sides of the argument, but maybe, just maybe Apple end up going down that route sooner rather than later. Thoughts?

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Apple mocked again by latest Samsung advertising, but does it have a point?


Another gimmick. Something you use the first day you get the device out of excitement then realize it's nothing you use on an everyday basis. Stupid. Regarding the multi-task ad, I would like to see that on the ipad but it's not a deal breaker for me.

Having used it, I can say multi tasking on a tablet without having to stop watching the video is most definitely not a gimmick. A very useful feature.

Well now that you just showed what a douche does when he is mentally challenge, I wait with baited breath for your next one brain cell response.

And I am sure the best part of you ran down your mother leg.

This is a rubbish ad as there are many other phones that have full HD screen and the iPhone has a 720P screen which is still HD.

Illustrator is the king of multitasking.
You should know that if you have read any of his drivel.

Multi-window on a 10" screen is a novelty, not a necessity. Multi-windo on a phone screen (4"-6" either way) is useless. There is not enough space to have multiple windows open at the same time. In order to see enough of the each window, touch targets and font would have to be invisibly, and ergonomically too small. Back to the 10" screen size. Things like media and web surfing would gain a noticible benefit, but any form of productivity would pretty much need more usable space. So, in a phone - gimmick. No doubt. On a tablet, specific apps would benefit but by no means should be a deal breaker. In my opinion, any way.

It all depends on what the two tasks you are trying to accomplish are. I had a Note 2 for a while and would run a youtube video and look through pictures on Facebook at the same time. Didn't seem like a gimmick, It just worked. Can I live without it, yes. But I don't see any reason why someone wouldn't want the option as long as it didn't take away from the overall user experience. Especially on a tablet. People don't like Samsung fine, but they are trying to advance the software side, it is a good thing.

I have a Note 3. I don't use multi-window that often but when I do it works great. A perfect example would be in the car having GPS and an audio app going at the same time. The screen is plenty big to see the map and control the music.

Yeah, well like I said.... Certain instances the multi-window feature works fine. But when you need to type, things get messy, confusing, and cluttered. That's what makes the difference. Most of what people do on their phones and tablets requires the use of a keyboard, (or full-screen - like games) and that's what ruins multi-window on a screen that depends on an onscreen keyboard.

Not bashing the iPhone or any ios product but that sound like a problem for an OS that doesn't let you change your default keyboard, unlike Android that gives you that option....its all about having an option, maybe not for you but others around the world do like to have that extra feature

That's great that YOU think so, now we know you'll stick with Apple. But since the majority of the world disagrees with you and seems to like those benefits, you may want to give it a try and see what all the hype is about.

Based on the fact that the iPad is the most popular tablet on the Globe, I'd have to say that you are entirely wrong. People vote with their wallets. And being that people buy the iPad mor than they buy any other tablet....I'd say its "up to one thing at a time strategy" will suffice for its users. I, personally don't need or want my iPad to do two things at one. If I had the option, cool. But as for most other people, they'd quickly find that they wouldn't use the feature much.

@BilboTeabagins Hahahahah I'm sorry, I'm gonna need you to repeat that! Let me get my camera! Lol. :D

No single phone (Samsung or not) outsells iPhones When the Galaxy S4 launched (Samsung's biggest smartphone line), they sold 10 million in the first 30 days. Their fastest selling handset in all of Samsung smartphone history. When Apple introduced the new iPhones, they sold 9 the first 3 days. With over 70% of that being the iPhone 5s (if I remember the demographic correctly). That's quite a bit more than Samsung's numbers.

Samsung sells so many different handsets - most of them targeted at the lower end market, which Apple is not even in the race for - that its more than expected that Samsung sells more handsets. But in Apple's court, high-end market, no one is even close to them, let alone winning.

Not to be rude, but that's the dumbest statement. When samsung came out with the Galaxy S, everyone ridiculed them and no one believed people would buy it over an iPhone. Now they dominate the world market. They are Toyota to iPhone's BMW. And that's FINE! iPhones are great phones for morons. And most people WANT to be moronic when using their phone. But at their current pace, they need to make some small changes as their market share keeps getting smaller and smaller.

Calling the iPhone a great phone "for morons" was cute. Makes me surprised you can even type full sentences. Besides, marketshare is not something Apple needs to be worried about when their profits surpass every other OEM in their category, and their sales are consistently better each year. The reason their marketshare is falling is not because of poor sales. It's just because more and more people are buying smartphones, and other handsets are also becoming more popular.

And water is wet. Are you typing to read you own thoughts at this point?

The reason Apple branched out from their ridiculously small computer marketshare, is because they weren't happy with having a small market share. If they sell more phones every year, but decrease their market share every year, they will end up in the same place as pre-iPod days. Once again, this is all fine, BMW doesn't try to sell cars to minimum wage workers. Wall Street just needs to understand this, as well as people like you.

Your original statement that "galaxy phones destroy iPhones" referring to sells is wrong. That's what we are saying. Of course the person that sells 1,000 variants of phones is going to have 'market share'. When Samsung celebrated their 100million galaxy phones sold Apple was celebrating their 300 millionth iPhone sold. So I'm not sure what you were trying to argue.

Also Apple didn't get in to the phone market because they had small market shares in the computer industry. They outsold PC's for 15 straight quarters. They made phones because all the phones out there sucked and they made them better.

Sent from the iMore App

huminah what?!

Since PC came out, Apple has floundered in PC sales. Do some googling, Apple hasn't been over 15% market share in COMPUTER (not iOS) in almost...ever.

HTC, LG, Blackberry, Sony are a few names that come to mind that produce multiple phones and don't come close to Apple's market share. Not really sure why you think having a ton of phones is the reason why Samsung does well.

Now that you're making a valid point I can stop insulting your intelligence. I'm not talking to hear myself talk. I'm trying to figure out where you are mentally, because when you make ignorant comments like "iPhones are great phones for morons." you throw me off, and I have no idea what your reading comprehension is...Or comprehension in general for that matter. Anyway...

If Apple keeps selling more phones, but continues to lose marketshare, they'll eventually pine down to nothing.... Well, no. Like with the Mac, Apple has historically made the most profit with the least marketshare. Except for with the iPod that held over 70% of the market ten years later... But they attack a specific demographic usually, and are usually the best at it. So losing marketshare is not an issue for Apple when taking into consideration their history. Now whether or not they'll be able to maintain their "What Makes Apple, Apple" culture, is another story. But if history is to be a point of reference, I'd say they're on the right tract.

I had to scroll back to see wtf we were debating in the first place.

Your whole last post confirmed what I was saying, Samsung decimates Apple in market share, which Apple is fine with, Wall Street seems to not understand it for some stupid reason. Hence my Toyota/BMW comparison.

But to go back to the beginning, Samsung does outpace Apple, which after your post, I'm not sure why you first tried to argue this point. Is it because I wrote Galaxy instead of Samsung?

"Samsung decimates Apple in marketshare." Well duhh! They sell 1,000 variants of each phone lol. Market share is the least they could win at. They may have gained momentum with their last batch of phones, but outpace? No. Not at all.

Well not duh, so does HTC, LG and Sony (well, not anymore), and they don't hold a candle to Apple's market share.

They "gained momentum" during Galaxy 2. They outpaced Apple at Galaxy 4. Now it's no longer a story because they are so far ahead.

Yeah, they gained momentum in years past, and have only progressed from there. But I think it's pretty safe to say they gained the most momentum with the Galaxy S4. They have not been gaining more momentum than Apple, though. I least I don't believe so. Either way, they're still no where close to Apple's level of consistency and hype in sales.

The Galaxy is so far of what? Of who? The Galaxy literally doesn't beat Apple in anything but specs. Not market share. Not sales. Not performance. Like...

At this point we're just fighting over inches, and I'm old and tired, haha.

"Galaxy" in terms of Samsung's timeline. Not the actual phone itself.

US is the only country where Apple holds a majority of market share for smart phones. I'd say the rest of the world is the majority, not us. Basic math.

See what people fail to see is that while it may be a "useless feature" or a "gimmick" to you, doesn't mean its useless to others. The fact that it is possible puts an iPhone or an iPad at a disadvantage.

Yea, I have been fighting the samsung urge. I have had 3 iphones and when samsung does something like this, I do feel like I am missing out. I am waiting to see what the Iphone 6 brings to the table, then I will decide.

IMHO, the current iPad Air is basically perfect for leisure, and you certainly hit the nail on the head when mentioning that you can't, and most importantly, don't want to, be productive on an iPad.

Depends on the kind of productivity. As Apple's "what's your verse" ads show, people have found hundreds of productive uses for iPads outside of the usual word processor/spreadsheet/database paradigm that Samsung is chasing. This is a story the tech press is missing out on, possibly because it's outside of their own experience of how they use computers, and it's why the "tablet market" continues to actually be "the iPad market".

At least Rene knows AudioBus exists.

The first advert does a great job at showing the higher build quality of the iPhone.

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Productive, yes. S Pen, no. There should be a way to be equally productive without it. That's been Apple's MO since th launch of the iPhone and that should not change.

For a lot of the features, you don't have to use the S-Pen. It's certainly easier, but not mandatory.

Source: owned a Note and used it without the S-Pen.

Yes, this is Note 3 and it cracks when you press it! Oh and it's with touchwiz, you will have some lags, but don't worry, you will never get used to it! And what, it's 1080p oversaturated screen? You will never get real colors! I will take this iPad/iPhone! Had Note 3 and I know how it works.. Best part of owning one was when i sold it! :-)))

Had a Note 2. Awesome huge screen, serious lag, to much time spent customizing, never used most of the features, ghost touches or unresponsive screen, proximity sensor failed . . . switched back to the 5s. Thought I'd miss the larger screen but I don't.

The S-Pen is bad ass. I own both iPhone 5S & Note 3, you have to try the features on the Note 3 with that S-Pen, just fantastic. I run my business off the Note 3, the software is that good. I love my 5S but that S-Pen is something that everyone must experience. It's that good.

I played with the Note 3 and the S-Pen but I don't get it. How is it different from any stylus controlled device a decade ago? I'm serious.

Bollocks! It's a wacom stylus (pressure sensitive) and while you use it, the screen will not register your hand so you can rest your palm against it. It might not be for you, but it is extremely useful for some people.

Pressure sensitivity is cool but I'm not sure of it's usefulness on a phone like this. In any case, I'll take a feature like that if it works. Palm rejection seems only useful for larger screens where you actually rest your palm on.

Seems like a another clear case of Samsung throwing in all the features they can think of to capture as many potential customers and build up a big checklist of features. Has anyone heard of a single use for the stylus other than doodling like in the commercial?

Calm down Illustrator Joe. Not everyone needs a stylus and virtually no one needs pressure sensitivity. It's a very specialized technology for a phone sold to millions.

Well I am perfectly calm. And your claim of "no one" needs pressure sensitivity is just plain wrong. While it is a narrow market Samsung is the only tablet maker that provides a good pressure sensitive drawing tablet for digital artists. I use a Wacom tablet daily, the technology is unrivaled. I am sorry that you disagree, but don't be blind to the facts. There are people out there that want/need these tablets for their personal/professional lives. Personally an iPad is just an overpriced toy that would never suit my needs.

Still waiting for that great example of pressure sensitive stylus use from you. Digital artists comprise .01% of Note 3 users. And who would do professional work on a big phone anyway? There are several pressure sensitive stylus options available for the iPad. If that still makes it a toy to you I must assume you're a blind fan of Samsung and their products. "Notify me when someone replies to my comment" has been unchecked. later.

I actually don't currently own any Samsung products. Though I did own a Note 2. You wouldn't do full renderings on a phone, but I did do a few quick sketches from time to time and it was fine. No different than sketching in a small moleskine sketchbook. I am not saying everyone needs it, I am saying it is a great technology to have (one I could not do my job without) and I don't understand why iPad fans trash it, especially ones that have never used it. Also those pressure sensitivity options for iPad do not work well and are nowhere as good as full blown Wacom 1024 or 2048 point pressure sensitivity. Thats fine you don't want to hear my side. You just come off as the real blind fan.

If Samsung is really that honest and sure that it products will sell without any mocking ads , why did they release these ads then ?

So having a brighter display means higher resolution? Because that was the point Samsung was making

Just gotta go to what features you want most, I just bought a Nexus 7 2013 over the iPad mini retina the other day.

Nexus - Great screen & size, all the apps I use on iOS are on Android. The flexibility that Android offers system wise. The price was no comparison either.

iPad - Great Screen & Size, more apps but I have my set apps I use so quantity wasn't a issue. System is more locked down unless jailbroken. Price was the killer, can't really say I'd spend that much on a tablet for what my uses for it would be.

Locked down. Things you can't change. Examples. keyboard = there is more than one one an on screen keyboard can work. Look up Swype.
Example 2 = Apple doesn't let you set default apps. If you click on a link to a map location on Android the 1st time it sees a link to a map location it will let you choose which app you want to use. If you have 4 map apps you might want to use Google Maps instead of another program like WAZE. You can then check mark always use for this type of link so from now on that app is the default. There is a place in the settings to change this if you want but Android doesn't force you to have to use Google's version of an app. On an Apple device they don't want you to have that option because they ALWAYS want THEIR apps to be used. On Android you don't have to use Google Hangouts event though that is the default app for sms and im. You can go into the settings and say I want Facebook Messenger or any other chat app to get your incoming SMS and IM messages. Basically Android lets you change almost anything and Apple doesn't let you change much of anything. Apple lets you run apps but it won't let those apps take over for their apps as default which makes it a lot more of a pain to use especially for stuff the automatically has a built in version by Apple.

I expect Apple will answer all this with iphone 6 and iOS 8. Once Apple makes all the big screens and higher resolution arguments void, Samsung will need a new target.

So you're saying Apple will make a 5.7 inch display? Remember Apple did jump from 3.5 inch displays to 4inches and that hardly looks any different

I simply say that when they double the resolution, and having a 16:9 aspect ratio (the iphone 5's true purpose and key interim step), they're free to go as big as they want. Apple has this thing about differentiating product lines by different sizes. Other things kept them from doing this with iphone but those shackles should come off this year.

Stupid bloody s pen who would want that on iPhone. You could just pause the video take a screenshot and email that. Instead of drawing like a tool for 5 mins

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This is one of Samsung's better ads - admittedly, a low bar to clear. Rather than show me how their watch will get me a girl, they emphasize a use case where their product offers capabilities the market king does not. I wouldn't even classify the tone as overtly mocking, either, just the type of comparison every 2nd place company makes when they try to differentiate their wares from the reigning heavyweight.

Good point. I may hang around here too much, but I've long had the impression that Samsung, while they make some great phones, captures a lot of its market share based on carrier push and price. IOW, a lot of people get a Samsung handset not because they specifically wanted a Samsung, but rather because it's the good default choice put in front of them. That moves a lot of units, but puts them more at the mercy of their partners for growth *and* loyalty. By emphasizing things they can do that the iPhone cannot, Samsung is trying to reposition their products in customer minds not as just a good default, but as actual objects of desire, which is a much more secure, self-reliant position.

Great point. And taking the Apple fan out if it, but as a technology fan, smart of them to do.

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Actually the reason Samsung is 1 and 2 with Apple is the same reason Apple is either 1 or 2. Advertising and market presence. Apple and Samsung spend enormous amounts of money and have a distribution network 2nd to none. All over the globe Samsung and Apple products are in stores. Hardly any of the other manufactures have the same power in these areas. All people are iSheep in a way. We see advertising or our friends have something they like (who probably bought it because of advertising) and we buy it too. Advertising works. It's proven.

Samsung’s premium smartphone sales in 2013 = around 100 mil (their approximation)
iPhone sales in 2013 = in excess of 150 mil
Tablets aren’t even close...

So no, Samsung is not number one in terms of unit share (and the gap gets wider in revenue share) in the segments represented in those ads (premium smartphones and tablets).

Again, I don't want a pen in my phone because it's a phone. If I can't work on my phone with just my finger someone screwed up. Also, It's not a phone anymore; they're advertising a small tablet and that's no longer a fair comparison.
It's like giving sedan owners constant crap because they can't carry a dresser in their truck bed...
It's the wrong approach again.....

Seriously? How the hell could everyone miss the point of the SPen sooo badly. I see, Steve Jobs mocked the stylus on the very first iPhone presentation and yes, he was right. It's terrible to HAVE to use a stylus because the UI is unusable without it. But it's not the case here. You can use a Note without the pen just fine. I absolutely love being able to just take out my phone and have a note pop up automatically as I pull out the pen. I don't even have to unlock my screen. I'm done, I just put it back in there and the note is saved. Perfect. Now how the hell are you gonna do that with the iPhone or ipad without going through several steps to even get to your note app?
Also, if styluses are so useless, why the hell is there a huge market for third party styluses that you can buy for the iPhone (which btw don't have a shred of the functionality of the s pen, since the s pen is a digitizer)?

I get that the S-Pen may be useful for some. For your example though, it's not. For me, I'd say id be quicker at pulling my iPhone out, unlocking with TouchID and opening the notes app to start typing(in the correct note also). That's the point for me, I need notes to be in the right section. Not a thousand sticky notes plastered all over the place.

Or, I could just tell Siri what I wanted to note.

I would guess the S pen solves a problem that doesn't really exist for most of us. I don't want a stylus, have no need for one. You do. And there's a device for you. That's why choice is a good thing.

Why the hell would I want to pull my phone out of my belt holster (yes, I'm one of *those* guys), pull the pen out of its slot, wake the phone and write on my phone with a digital pen? I can just hold down my bluetooth activation button and start talking to Siri.

I use a combination of Alarms, Timers, Reminders, Calendar Events, SMS, and email (for mid- to long-form notes to myself or others). All without even looking at my phone. (Yeah, I get some odd looks, but I'm used to those since I've always talked to myself...just doing it more often now.)

I just wish I could initiate a hands-free voice memo...THAT would make me a very happy camper.

I don't think I've actually typed anything into my phone since I got the 5s late last year.

While this may sound odd (granted, I'm an odd person) there are languages besides English that are (drumroll) more complicated than English, spoken in fewer areas of the world and thus don't get the same voice recognition treatment that English does. I cannot imagine how speaking to my phone would work better than writing on it (as I said, you don't have to unlock it if that's how you set it up). My point anyway was that you don't need to use the stylus if you don't want it but you don't have to look for one when you would like to do some drawing/painting on your your tablet either. Why diss the option when it is given to you for "free"?

I don't disagree. Even in English Siri can be a bit spotty. I look forward to the technology being cleaned up a bit. However, most of this personal organizer style work I do is when I'm otherwise occupied (I hate "wasted" time unless I completely need down time) so I have Siri help me organize my thoughts while I'm folding laundry or cooking dinner, or helping my children with homework.

My point was of course I don't need to use the stylus. I don't have one. ;) However, my wife loves her Note 3. She loves the stylus for drawing (she is a very artistic person and uses quick drawings in ways that other people use text snippets). I bet she would hate talking to her phone. Different strokes, which is why different products exist.

The styli are for the iPad not the iPhone. Also...old people use the stylus for touching. Not joking. It's great for them. (I like styli too. But can't stand Samsung as a company)

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The phone/phablet comparisons are fair game just like the iPad/laptop comparisons are, and for the same reason - not because they do all the same things, but because they are chasing many of the same customers.

To continue your analogy, this ad is not giving sedan owners crap, but to let people looking at a sedan but who might also want to carry a dresser know that there is a truck out there they can buy instead.

When it comes to screen size, bigger doesn't mean it is better. I'd much prefer the screen size of the iPhones than a huge Galaxy Note. I'd like to hold it comfortably with one hand. Also, the screen size for the IPad Air is perfect. As for display quality, I think PPI and color accuracy is more important than total pixels. Sure, the PPI for Samsung devices are a little higher, but not to the point where u can tell a big difference in the quality of its screen. Apple devices has great quality screens as well. And I'll take iOS over Android any day. iOS is just more fun to use. I don't care if Samsung keeps talking about its multitasking feature. It is just a gimmick.

For me I feel the same. I don't need two devices. I want two devices. Both have their purpose. Too many times would it be cumbersome to try and do what I need without two separate devices. This is why I haven't wanted a larger iPhone. It's the perfect size for portability while my iPad Air gets the heavy lifting done. For me, the Note 3 is still too small to be anywhere near a good solution for what I need.

I never use pens in my life apart from signing things and when all over sudden I need to fill a form in by hand somewhere. "Oh, we're gonna use a stylus right? No! - Who wants a stylus?! You break them, lose them, yuck!"

Maybe if your the Hulk you break them. You can't loose them unless you can't hear. After you're 6 to 10 feet away from the pen with your phone an alarm goes off. Again. So many people here have never spent anytime with a Note3 yet they seem to know everything. Everyone here who is ripping on a Note3 who hasn't used one needs to stop saying absolutes. Say I don't think I would like it because... To say the pen sucks or it will get lost, you have no clue. People have a note instead of a small tablet. When you have a tiny iPhone you want a tablet. When you have a big phone you don't want a tablet and if you do its a big tablet.

I like the screen of the note 3. It's great. I hate the back and the sides. Makes it look cheap. And my point about the pen is that it's what this phone could well do without - lose the weight and bulk! We are not in the age of hand writing after all!

If I wanted to see Lebron on HD I'd watch it on my 46" HDTV. Why brag about something that doesn't matter. Watching BBall on a 6 inch screen is nothing to brag about.

Only a company like Samsung pushes a stylus in 2014. They should change the add to "Samsung: We party like it's 2005!".

Only a company like Apple pushes the max screen size of 4 in 2014. They should change the add to "Apple: We think you're to dumb to realize we can make a bigger phone! We could give more options but why not wait till the last possible moment when people are about to leave us and then tell everyone how our new 5 inch phone is the best phone we ever built. How this is the size all phones should be. How the extra inch offers possibilities that no one has ever imagined. How Apple has just reinvented the cell phone!" I can see the Jony Ive video now with the white background on how they went back to the drawing board and re-imagined what a phone could be. Then Phil S will have his video on how only Apple can create a 5 inch phone.......wait for it..... wait for it... .as beautiful as this.

one word: brick

can anyone seriously imagine carrying around this thing in their jeans pocket. your mates will be like "is that a mouse in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?!?!?!?"

i seriously imagined thats what google glass could be used for, to make a screen on your phone as big as you like (and maybe it is, i don't know, haven't got that much money to buy one, ha ha, glum!!!)

Google glass doesn't do that at all. Look strait ahead and imagine a rectangle the size of a nexus 7 in the top right corner of your vision. Google glass is designed to be out of sight unless you look up and to the right.

As always in these sorts of arguments or ‘debates’ it’s the nerd mentality vs the normal population. Multitasking, multi-windowing, is a nerd thing, a “show-off how smart I am” thing. Normal people browse the web, send emails, buy something, listen to music, watch a video. And they don’t do more than one thing at a time. I see normal people all the time in restaurants, cafés, McDonalds, sporting events and they are never multitasking, never watching a movie and working on a spreadsheet at there same time.

Really. I didn't think that one of the kid filming his family and then showing the video later was much better. The kid should have joined in instead of playing on his phone recording everything like a stalker. Did you see the commercial that takes place a few years later where he does the same thing but he's doing creep shots. Ya, this kids not going to turn out well.

Can't say that I liked that one either but at least it wasn't pathetically mocking its competitor. I even feel a bit embarrassed for Samsung after watching these commercials.

Jeez, just because you are not getting the ad doesn’t make it bad... You’re just not the target audience.

What is there to understand? Samsung is (quite unconvincingly) mocking Apple for not having certain features that their devices have. And who is the target audience?!

I’m terribly sorry Lenasverige, I was responding to Nicholas Kathrein’s comment about Apple’s recent holiday ad...

By the way, I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment ;¬)

Everyone who currently has an iPhone or has the impression that the iPhone is the best phone you can get. Plain and simple. Marketing is to tell a story. iPhone commercials try to tell stories that are emotional and this one informative. You may not like what it's informing you but everything they show is 100 % accurate. There are no lies here. Are they putting there product in situations that show off Samsung. Yes, and that is their job.

Valid points. Pointing out what they can do vs the competition is a good way to sell Samsung devices. Whether something like the the multi-window feature resonates with anyone is something we'll need to wait and see.

But point well taken on the screen size.

Tab pro ad was good, actually showed useful features over the Ipad. The note 3 didn't really show anything other than bigger screen and wasn't as good.

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The problem here starts with taking these ads at face value...

1. Most Android apps have no advanced support whatsoever for this functionality
2. Showing two apps side by side, when both of them are just scaled phone apps anyhow, is hardly groundbreaking

True tablet apps on the iPad make use of the space, some even so extensively that they are less usable on an iPad Mini (try to use e.g. OmniGraffle or iThoughts HD on a Mini and your amount of erroneous transactions, missed buttons etc. will skyrocket). What do we want: powerful apps or thumbnails of phone apps? I'll stick with the former.

I've had a Samsung Focus running Windows Mobile and a Galaxy Nexus running Android. I didn't like either OS very much, and Samsung phones are just pure crap. A well built piece of electronics isn't supposed to bend and flex the way Samsusng phones did, and I hated that every time I put either phone on the counter the battery cover would pop off and battery would jump out. Poorly built crap, imho.

I switched to a Note 3 from my iPhone 5 when the 5s was announced. I have had every iPhone released except for the first one (and 5s). I have had the Note 3 since its release.

Reason to try Android/Note 3: I was bored with my iPhone 5. I was unhappy with it's battery life. I started getting jealous of the 5" and bigger screens out there... I wanted a bigger boat!! er phone.

I could always switch/jump back in a year (wife and I have alternating upgrades). I knew what I was doing. Or so I thought.

I went extreme. I wanted to jump into the Android experience with both feet. Dive in sinking or swimming. I didn't want an Android version of the iPhone - So I went to my ATT store and walked out with a Note 3.

I left my iPhone for "options" and a larger screen.
My Note 3 is blazing fast. Like a stripped down souped up - gizmo loaded Chevy Cavalier. My iPhone 5 was blazing fast. Like a Cadillac (mid model?).

I dove in. And I got wet. I Googled and Touchwized and Rooted and tinkered. I am going to skip the obvious dribble and droning on how its not iOS. It is an eye opening experience to have been in iOS (purchases, media, movies, pictures and iCloud etc.) and to leave it like a ugly prom date. Not because I don't understand Androids/Samsung version of the Apple iLife experience.

The Note 3 and iPhone seem to go the same speed. The ride is different. The Destination? Lets just say they arrive at the same place - With the iPhone parking right in front with a beautiful view. The Note 3 arrived at the same time - it took a different route - with my back sore from the bumpy ride and my view not as pretty.

I want a bigger screen. But Apple hasn't given me one.
I want Apple to give me what I want. And what I want a bigger screen (Ask my wife, I was really whining and moaning like a baby when the iPhone 5s was released)

My Note 3 is satisfactory. A plastic, large screened screaming fast phone.

But deep down, I want my iOS back. I want that feeling I get holding a well built phone that was sold to me while spinning on a white background with Ives voice telling me its the best.
I want Steve Jobs back. I want to feel the assurance that he brought that what Apple made was the "best" for me.
I want the seamless integration that I had with iPhone via iPhoto and iTunes and iMovie.

We are far from that gasp when we observed the first iPhone and clapped in glee at the "large" screen and amazing interface.

We are past pulling out our iPhone for the easy win while laughing at the poor subject standing in front of us with a Razor flip phone or BB. The competition has for the most part "caught up". There will always be arguments over which different features and options are better on different platforms.

Let us hope there will always be differences to "fight" over.

The freedom to choose is the best feature we have.

In summary, I am "switching back" to the next iPhone. Apple in its "all knowing" wisdom will bestow upon my humbleness a new device. I hope for a larger screen... it wasn't worth the jump.

It turned out I was bored with the smooth ride. I thought I needed an explosion, or a bump.. or to feel needed by tinkering with the engine... I lost focus. I lost focus on how Apple approaches their devices and features.

It sounds ridiculous, but, I lost focus because I didn't realize that I had an emotional (yup I said it) I had a freakin emotional, personal connection to my iPhone and Apple - It was emotional and personal because Steve Jobs made it that way.... it was a magical.

It took a long time for me to realize that my emotional honeymoon was over when SJ passed... and to come to terms that I made a stupid decision to "switch" based on frivolous preferences, not on what features I had to have to enhance my daily work life, family life and recreation. I am laughing out loud as I type this. I am pathetic. I am glad it wasn't a serious decision...

Thank goodness I can switch back. Not because Android sucks.... or it's many phones....and huge screens.

I just need my simple, smooth running, predictably boring pretty phone back.

It's just not as magical Tim... it doesn't mean the same when you say it. Maybe someday it will.
I hope my wife doesn't read this. She is always right.

S smells Apple's bigger phone coming along this year (at least we all hope so!--because I am in need of an update and bigger screen from the 4) therefore, this commercial had to arise. LoL. Good one S. Good one. Good luck.

The first one actually would push me towards the iPhone more than the Note. The iPhone looks better, and the add highlights the size difference and in my opinion a 5.7" phone is ridiculous. I realize there are people out there who like phones that big.. but 5" is about as far as I would go.

The 2nd add was ok, outside of the narrator's voice and the script. It highlighted the right things and would make me look at the Tab if I was in the market for a new tablet.

Anytime you have an advertisement mocking someone else's product, you can't focus on your own product. Especially a product that is selling very, very well. You just don't come out looking professional for mocking a product that is selling well. And then to run adverts mocking the users of those products is just trashy marketing campaigns. If this type of marketing worked, Samual Adams would run commercials about piss beer from Budweiser, or mocking people who drink Budweiser as liking urine.

I respect a company that says,"here is our product & this is why it's great", but as soon as companies start the juvenile "our product is better than your product" I knee 'em in the nut sack & and leave 'em on the floor.

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Nope. Never bought a PC. But I've kicked Apple in the sack before... I'm an equal opportunity hacky-sacker. If Apple takes cheap shots, they get theirs too.

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Honestly, I think Samsung makes some good points. I can't describe how much I miss multi-window from my S3. It's a way to truly multitask on a mobile device. I give Apple credit on their build quality, my S3 never felt cheap but it was susceptible to damage in ways that my i5 isn't. But software wise, I always have to jailbreak to be able to get certain features that come either standard or are offered through apps without having to root on an android devices, quick response being one. iOS is growing stale in many regards, I think that's why they changed the 7th iteration so much, and I suspect that more changes are afoot in the future. A better camera and a faster processor every year won't cut it forever. Yes, the 5S got a fingerprint scanner, nice, but for how many was that a deciding factor in buying one? Apple has a cult following, and they have a reputation for making great things, but those will not carry them forever either. While I admit its anecdotal, many of the apple loyalist I know, not of the geek persuasion, are looking longingly at Android, Samsung in particular. Samsung's blitz of ads mocking Apple and their tendency of slowly adopting features considered common place on other platforms made an impression. Ecosystem tends to be the last "chain" Apple has holding many back, and that's due more the investment made in iTunes content and such than the idea that it is better.

Multitasking is a boondoggle, especially on tablets. Scientific investigation of same has always shown that NO-ONE *really* multi-tasks in the sense of "doing two things at once." We merely switch back and forth, sometimes rapidly, sometimes not.

On computers, the only reason for "multi-tasking" in the first place was that computers were originally so slow that you simply could not finish one task fast enough, so you would switch away and "do something else" while waiting for the other window.

Modern computers and tablets are much faster, most apps run full-screen, and even systems such as iOS that supposedly don't qualify for some "pure" multi-tasking label, can switch back and forth between apps many times faster than those old computers that required "multi-tasking."

The bottom line is that for most users, on modern tablets, "multi-tasking" basically equates to "not switching away from a *movie* while I type something or look something up."

- The idea that this is "multi-tasking" ... faulty.
- The idea that this "multi-tasking" increases productivity ... unproven and likely false.
- The idea that a person *without* the ability to multi-task on a tablet is at anything close to a serious "disadvantage" .... incorrect.
- The idea that multi-tasking is essentially "different" from merely fast switching back and forth? ... incorrect (by definition).

On a tablet you sure can. On a computer its different. The screens are so much bigger. With everything in plain sight multitasking by splitting the screen is much more practical. It's so much easier to be able to see a webpage on the left and compose an email on the right. Not having to use the multitask switcher saves a lot of time. I can highlight info from the left and paste it to the right. So much better.

You're right. No human can truly multitask. We only have 100% to play with - that simply gets divided among whatever we are trying to do.

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As Steve Job said 7 years ago "A stylus, were gonna use a stylus right?.....Nooo"

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I don't really understand the point of multitasking because you are either whatching something or not, even in real life if you are using an IPad and taking care of your kid still you are missing what you are really trying to watch, me particularly won't use something like this!!

So what if they compared that to their own S4? That doesnt have a pen either. "Believe me".

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Who cares about a Pen??? Having to use a stylus itself is a bad idea. Trying to project it as a selling point for your stuff is utter foolishness.

Of course some of the points are true. But Apple could've done the same and put out an ad pointing out how much copying Samsung has done over the years (we'll see if the fingerprint reader on the home button also appears on the S5) but that would be reaching for the lowest common denominator .

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Hands down a great ad. Whether you like Samsung or prefer to stick with Apple, the ad is funny and not being prickish to Apple, just some slight teasing with great great great voice over. That guy needs to be their new spokesperson because his light humor is spot on.

If Apple wasn't so classy they'd show some commercials where people were trying to sit comfortably with that massive Note 3 in their pocket or trying to go for a run with it strapped to their arm.

Umm no. Classy has nothing to do with it. They won't make that commercial because when they copy Samsung and come out with a bigger screen they'll get called out. Example.. Someone at Qualcomm said the 64bit A7 is a marketing gimmick. Qualcomm is going to make that someday and knew it would come back to bite them so they had to retract the comment. Apple would have to do the same. Their not classy, their smart.

1. First add, comparing Note 3 with 5s, not a fair comparison, as they are two different kind of product, one is designed to use with single hand, great touch experience with fingers, and other to do powerful advanced features using stylus. And HD display doesn't make sense, after certain point, as your eyes can not distinguish, so on mobile device just on the basis of pixels you can't say it which is better, there is more to display than pixels (same as more to mp in camera).
2. The multitasking thing is again debatable, but its for power user, normal users, and in most of cases like to do one task at a time. And if there is a need to do multitask, like watching video and taking notes of that on same device, you can have it in the same app itself. IOS is always about filtering the noise, so any body can use it without compromise on ease of use, even though some time certain action takes a bit more touch than competitor.

I wouldn't take it with anything more than a grain of salt, even as someone who has a Samsung device (my laptop, which issues I had with it I'm now getting over after a whole week). Besides, as Ashish previously mentioned many of the devices mentioned are different from what Apple got.

iPhone screen resolution needs updating as does multi tasking and phone screen size. What Samsung points out is true, I still wouldn't want an Android system though.

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I can't tell if the people with samsungs are trying to convince everyone else that the features are useful or whether they are trying to convince themselves? They all shout so loudly.

Well I can tell you that multi tasking is hardly gimmicky, it's something many would use including myself.

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LOL, who does multitasking on an IPAD?????? We have MacBooks for doing some serious stuff. Samsung should understand iPad is for Netflix & Reading books.

Samsung may have a point but both of them are unnecessary. But who cares about this since Apple products look precious where are Samdung's stuff is just cheap ugly crappy & are unapologitally plastic.

Not everyone can afford to have 3 devices. As these devices mature more and more stuff you do on the computer will be able to be done on tablets. The reason why pc sales are down is because normal people can do 80 percent of their things on tablets. If you only use a pc once in a while who cares if it's old. You hardly use it. You should never discount something because another device can do it. If that was the case then why make a tablet when you have laptops?

$500 for a freaking shiny facebook/ebook reader and portable movie machine?
An utter waste of money if you ask me. People want it all on one device it is that simple. Also you obviously never had anything other than apple products in your life so dont dare to compare the monotonous greyish/white/gold apple products to newer high quality aluminum/carbon based devices.
Apple = shit coated in gold. (fake gold)

Funny ads & true to an extent but hardly anything to make me put my iPhone & iPad up for sale for.

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Bill Russell - “Hey, thank you for leaving me off your Mount Rushmore. I’m glad you did. Basketball is a team game, it’s not for individual honors. I won back-to-back state championships in high school, back-to-back NCAA championships in college. I won an NBA championship my first year in the league, an NBA championship in my last year, and nine in between. That, Mr. James, is etched in stone.”

Never been a fan of samsung phones but the tablet advert is great as it makes a few strong point with humour

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Oh God what a bunch of delusional applefanboys. Im not even trying to troll but golly Samsung truly destroyed the iphone on this one.
A lot of valid points in a sacrcastc funny tone. Lets get real apple either come up with an hd device of get left to rot behind.

I'm pro-multitasking and I was expecting this kind of approach from the start in tablets. Regarding the subject of those ads is different matter, Samsung is funny but the voice and quality is poor. It gets a +1 point for trying to be at least a bit informative. A lot of commercials forget to show you WHY their product is different/better or WHAT is does. Here we have a reason to choose Samsung.
Apple's iPencil from space is nice but it's too important in itself, it only screams "it's 2014 and now the iPad Air is even thinner ! you didn't think we would change anything else, did you ?".

HD screen is an awesome feature and for me it is a big deal...if the iPhone 6 doesn't have a larger screen with full HD (if not more) display, it's bye bye Apple for me.

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Truth be told it's been some time since Apple has pushed the envelope (TouchID is not extraordinary), their hardware isn't the best that's available for quite some time and for those kind of money it should be (yeah, the build is good and the've made a faster processor but is this something we haven't seen already ? btw where's my water resistant device ?), their software isn't introducing anything that gives you a new experience (Siri was their last attempt).
Being popular is not good enough, e.g. Bieber is popular, Twilight was popular (but did it receive an Oscar or praise ? of course not).

If we are talking about multitasking and features i think Microsoft surface pro can do more than any other tablet .. BUT it is not succeed !

So .. U should figure out why you are not succeed in this kind of devices instead of these ads .. Samsung ! lol

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Samsung's a confused company.. i have said this so many time on numerous forums.. A phone with 5.7 inch display? Are you effing kidding me.. Get a life.. Happy with my 4 inch "phone"

COKE OR PEPSI who gives a fuck anymore?

These endless battles over likes and dislikes have become nothing but common place on all website forums anymore.

This is no longer an "agree to disagree" standard, but moronic masses touting THEIR tech knowledge as prose hoping to be noticed and make a miraculous statement to make them seem better then anyone in the room.


Thank you for the best comment of all time, it is so funny to read how people devote their souls to something so meaningless and can't even face basic realities...

Yeah yeah, so what? No matter how much these companies try to do what Apple does best, they will never match the quality of their products. I aways make this metaphor to people. I say, Apple is like the most sportiest/luxurious car in the market built with precision from the inside out. There is no need for modifications, very much like the Lamborghini Veneno.

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