Apple moving more of their advertising in-house

Apple has been moving more and more of its advertisements in-house according to recent interviews and anonymous reports. Apple has apparently been hiring one Tyler Whisnand from the Media Arts Lab, a wing of TBWA\Chiat\Day that was regularly employed to roll out iconic Apple marketing campaigns. Apple has fleshed out their internal team with other high-profile hires. It's now rumored that Media Arts Lab has to compete with Apple's internal team for each campaign. Apparently recent commercials like the "What will your verse be?" and the iPad Air "pencil" ad were produced by Apple's team.

The shift to in-house advertising started in 2013 as Phil Schiller sought a way to effectively counteract Samsung's aggressive marketing against Apple. has nothing Apple's relationship with Chiat/Day dates back to the famous Super Bowl 1984 commercial, but if these reports are to be believed, the link between these two companies seems to be deteriorating.

Some have pointed to the absence of Steve Jobs as the cause for these changes, since his vision in marketing was always decisive, though he also stayed staunchly with TV and print. The future may very well hold more online ads for Apple products.

What's your favorite Apple ad of all time? Do you think Apple will be able to do just as good of a job by making these campaigns internally?

Source: Bloomberg

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Apple moving more of their advertising in-house


By far the iPod+iTunes ads. (The ones with the shadows) Those ads are fun and get the point across extremely well! As an added bonus, they are super entertaining!

Considering Apple's cash vault I'm surprised they stuck so long with the same external ad agencies when they could just acquire the talent and have them create amazing stuff in their -metaphorical- garage

I think this is a good move. Apple has not been very aggressive with their ads. Samsung has been aaaallllll over TNT throughout the NBA season. Apple ads can still be creative/intellectual, but there needs to be more of them in total.

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