If Apple made multi-color iPhones, which color would you buy?

While we're still waiting on the white iPhone 4, and avoiding the annual holiday (PRODUCT) red iPhone rumors, we got to wondering -- if Apple did produce multi-color, "nanochromatic" versions of iPhone, which color would you buy?

Would you stick with black or would you crazy with color? Would you prefer Apple back the color into the iPhone or do you prefer being able to get different colored cases to switch things up all on your own?

Give us your top color pick in the poll up top and tell us why in the comments below!

[Tip of the hat to CrackBerry.com for the inspiration]

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Reader comments

If Apple made multi-color iPhones, which color would you buy?


I have ALWAYS wanted a blue iPhone since the 1st gen in 2007. I am an iPhone phonetic to the point that I have always been in line to get my iPhone all four years. I go through a blue case about ever six months trying to find the perfect one that I am happy with. Even though it would cost me an extra $600 to get a new iPhone 4 in blue, it would be well worth the investment to me. Until then I will have to stick with my blue iPod Nano...

Blue and Green aren't colors...I have no idea what color you are talking about when you use those words. Compare either to Red and Pink. They're colors! So are orange, black and white. Yellow/Gold is two different colors.
Fix your poll!

I already have a lime green iPhone 4. Bought the back cover for 15$ off a Chinese website. It looks and fits identical to the oem one except they painted the hole for the flash a bit off. Every flash picture has a green glow to it now. But it sure beats the 70$ ifixit wanted for a replacement.

@chris you're an iPhone phonetic? i think you men fanatic...
phonetic is a sound making up a word or any other part of language

I don't really care about the color, but a pink iPhone would be the most popular Apple product ever. TiPb users don't represent the average iPhone demographic.

You can have any color you want. Buy a case...
You need one anyway!
If I had to pick, Black, Red, or something crazy like full carbon fiber!

There was no "other" option so I felt compelled to add my own two cents here in the comments. If you recall, the last generation iPod shuffle had a special edition version that was 100% polished stainless steel and was only sold in the physical Apple Stores. To me, that is the most beautiful product that Apple has ever done. I don't know how polished steel would look with a screen on it and they'd have to do something to allow RF to pass through the steel body, but if there was a way, I would love to have a solid steel iPhone 4.

I voted red, doesn't need to be (red) i don't really care about that so much. Black is fine, but if I'm going to pick a color, it's red.

RED! Bright red, so I can always find it on my desk, even when it's not ringing! Yes, I realize I can buy a cover but what fun is that?

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