Apple Music Event by the Numbers: 30M iPhones, 20M iPod touches, 75K Apps, 1.8B Downloads

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During the t's only rock and roll, but we like it special music event, as usual, Apple spent some time up front discussing numbers. And as is increasingly usual when it comes to the music leg of their business, those numbers tend towards the HUGE. To date:

  • 30 million iPhones sold
  • 20 million iPod touches sold

That makes 50 million iPhone OS X platform device on the market, up from 45 million on July 21.

  • 75,000 apps in the iTunes App Store
  • 1.8 billion downloads (not counting updates)

Still no breakdown of paid vs. free, but up from 3,000 this time last year, and 65,000 and 1.5 billion back on July 14.

In terms of games, compared with other mobile platforms, here's the library count:

  • 21,178 for Apple iPhone/iPod touch
  • 3,680 for Nintendo DS
  • 607 for Sony PSP

But wait, there's more...

iTunes and iPod is still doing gangbusters.

  • #1 music retailer in the world
  • 100,000,000 accounts (credit cards) on file
  • 8.5 billion songs sold
  • 27 million libraries submitted and analyzed by Genius
  • 54 billion songs submitted and analyzed by Genius
  • 100 million iPod nanos sold
  • 220 million iPods in total sold

What do those numbers look like in the MP3 player space -- which everyone including Apple believes is a shrinking business compared to more heavily convergent devices like the iPhone?

  • 73.3% iPod
  • 17.9% Other
  • 7.2% Sandisk
  • 1.1% Microsoft

Zune numbers look down from last year, iPod not wildly better. Maybe everyone including Apple is right? Still, even on a downward curve:

  • Over 50% of iPod owners are new to the platform

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Reader comments

Apple Music Event by the Numbers: 30M iPhones, 20M iPod touches, 75K Apps, 1.8B Downloads


73.3% iPod
17.9% Other
7.2% Sandisk
1.1% Microsoft

Now can we use the "m" word without the fanboys jumping down our throats?

Missed in this euphoric celebration of numbers is poor quarter that Apple will turn in for Q4 with regard to iPhone sales.
Its not a horrible quarter, mind you, but Q4 tends to be a big quarter, and you would think that with all of those original iPhones coming off contract and many many others upgrading prior to the end of their contract and 99 dollar ipnones that it would have been better than it is.
They may make up for it in iTunes revenue. (No, Rene, you can't make that lame claim that Apple only runs the iTunes store to support hardware sales any more. Not after posting the numbers above).
Note: Q1 for Apple = Oct-Dec. As of today, (10 sept) we are in Q4.
So a quick look at these numbers (I'll keep it simple):

30 million iPhones sold to date.

That is generation 1 thru the 3Gs.
Now thru Q3, the number stood at 26,378,000.*
Getting to 30 million means Apple only sold 3.62 million in Q4. Q4 has 21 days left, so bump that to 4.69 million expected in the quarter.
Q4 is historically a good quarter for iPhone sales. Last year there were 6.89 million sold in Q4.
This year Apple will be lucky to see 68% of that number. A 32% Drop Year over Year. That is huge. Even in a down economy, that is HUGE.
And that Drop came in the quarter that saw the introduction of a new phone and a $99 phone.
*Numbers from here:

@icebike : You do realize they released the iPhone 3GS during the third quater of this year and not thee fourth quater like last year, right? Anyway, you don't even know if 30 million is the exact number; they could be rounding it off from 31 or 32 million for all you know. They don't usually use odd numbers when telling sales and just round them off.

Yes I do realize when things were released.
iPhone 1st June 29 2007 = Q2
iPhone 3G July 11 2008 = Q3
iPhone 3gs July 19 2009 = Q3
Marketing and PR people never round DOWN. I was giving them the benefit of the doubt, because they probably rounded UP. Who would round off 2 million handsets?

I believe the real quote was "30 million in slightly over two years". The iphone was released on June 29 2007. I don't think the quote was as of today.
Like the person who opines on the rounding, by the same logic, I don't think when he said slightly over two years, he meant 2 years and 2 months. I bet he meant they hit 30 million sometime in July.

Its been 2 years and 2.5 months since Version 1 was released.
Slightly over by any reasonable definition.
Why would he include the first few months when the sold very few, and ignore the most recent months when they are selling in excess of a million a month?
Just not logical.

Why would he include the first few months when the sold very few, and ignore the most recent months when they are selling in excess of a million a month?
Because apple is protective of their numbers and they have required their distributors to a code of omerta. If he himself breaks this, then the agreement is broken.
How difficult is it to believe that he was stating a historical event? why did he not say as of today? he carefully chose his words "in a little over two years we have sold 30 million".
WE will see come earnings release.