Updated: Apple in Negotiations to Buy... Lala (Confirmed)

UPDATE: The New York Times says Apple is, in fact, buying Lala:

This person said Apple would primarily be buying Lala’s engineers, including its energetic co-founder Bill Nguyen, and their experience with cloud-based music services.

Lala’s engineers have built a service that music enthusiasts say is very easy to use. Lala scans the hard drives of its users and creates an online music library that matches the user’s collection, making it painless (and free) for people to get their music in the cloud.

ORIGINAL: Last we heard, cloud/streaming music service Lala was getting on the iPhone App Store while simultaneously partnering with Google, but now there are reports that Apple might just be in negotiations to buy them outright (Lala, not Google!)

Talks are very advanced, said the sources. One of the sources said that the sides have already agreed on terms and have only to sign a final agreement.

Steve Dowling, Apple's spokesman, said the company doesn't comment on rumors and speculation. A representative from Lala was not immediately available.

Would Apple marry Lala's "store everything in the cloud and stream it to your devices" with their "people want to own their music" on-drive iTunes? Contradictory or complementary?

Do you see a fit? Do you want one?

[CNET via MacRumors]

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Updated: Apple in Negotiations to Buy... Lala (Confirmed)


I can currently stream my library using Simplify! If youre telling me I can stream my iTunes DRM'd music AND MOVIES/TV SHOWS, than I am on board all the way. But if I cant stream my DRM'd stuff, than the app is worthless since I have simplify and does wonders for me music wise. And AirVideo is great for sharing your non DRM itunes videos......

This would be amazing. Lala is basically iTunes in the cloud. If Apple buys Lala they will kill the MP3. Your entire iTunes library will be in the cloud and accessible anywhere you get a wireless signal.

I'm very sceptical about the cloud. I live in Ireland and there are many many places you can't get a decent 3G signal. I'm sure we're not alone. So what use is all this stuff in the cloud if you can't get at it?

I don't want to stream from the cloud.
The iPhone does not have the battery capacity do run the radios that long. Onboard storage is cheap, and playing music from on-board storage takes virtually no battery power.
I don't think this is about streaming as a real life distribution method. There is other technology Apple is after that these guys own.

Since I can't stand headphones, my iPhone is plugged into my car charger whenever listening to music with it.
Not a big deal.
Sent from my iPhone.

My iPhone stores 16 gb of music. My music collection is 360 . I use simplify to stream my music. If apple wants to improve on simplify then more power to them. Just plug your phone when streaming in your car, office or home. Problem solved.

LaLa looks appealing, though you have to wonder if Google would put in a bid to buy them outright as well. The thought of being able to stream iTunes is pretty cool I will say. This iPhone vs. Android battle may be very good for the wireless industry.