Apple no longer allowing app downloads or updates following refund requests

If you've ever bought an app through the App Store and, for whatever reason, decided you needed to request a refund from Apple, then kept on using it and even updated it, bad news for you — it looks like Apple has begun blocking that practice. If you legitimately had an issue and didn't want the app, you won't be affected. If you were taking advantage, those days are done.Fantastical developer Michael Simmons posted the new App Store behavior on Twitter:

That's great for developers who I'm sure will be more than pleased to see that the hole has finally been closed. Anything that keeps app scammers out of the system is all the better, however I do have to wonder why it took so long to close this seemingly rather obvious hole. Are you a developer who's happy to see this finally shut down? Let us know in the comments how you feel about it.

Source: @macguitar

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Apple no longer allowing app downloads or updates following refund requests


Sorry I'm not aware of it. Did Apple earlier allow to reinstall/update the paid apps for free which were refunded already? If they did then I must say it was a serious loophole.

Seems perfectly reasonable. I do think you should be able to buy the app again though should you change your mind. I've read that some aren't able to.

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What if the app doesn't do what you want/need/expect or work right, so you request a refund, then in a future update the problem is resolved and has the features you were looking for? Is there a way to re-buy the app?
I understand closing the loophole, but I can see that possibility arising.

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I think if they take the play store approach it would be better. Which is if you refund a app and then buy it later on, you can't refund it for a 2nd time.

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I had the same problem. Just contacted with iTunes Support and they said that I need to gift the app to myself.

Actually I just bought the app again with iTunes which also worked.

Apple puts a lot of effort into 'problems' that serve their fiscal interest and nothing into problems customers have. If it weren't for the blind adoration of Apple fans*, they would be rated much lower in terms of customer satisfaction. they NEVER answer to serious customer issues. Look at their support boards, Apple never participates. It is helpless users stuck with problems that can't be resolved. (*prove me right with a koolaid response)