Apple rumored to offer pre-paid and month-to-month phone plans in Apple Stores

Apple to offer pre-paid and month-to-month cellular plans in Apple Stores

It looks like Apple is planning a new effort to boost iPhone sales from their retail locations, partnering with carriers to offer pre-paid and month-to-month plans in Apple stores. Customers will now be able to buy an iPhone at its full, unlocked price, then add it to a pre-paid plan in the store. Apple will apparently partner with AT&T and T-Mobile for the new program according to 9to5Mac.

This is more conveniant than the current system, which requires the customer to bring in a SIM-card that they already purchased, or buy their phone from a carrier store. Apple is said preparing to stock up on GoPhone activation kits from AT&T and will use their existing stock of T-Mobile SIM-cards customers wanting more magenta in their plan. Sales staff will reportedly promote the $60 per month GoPhone plan with 2.5GB of data and unlimted talk and text, as well as T-Mobile's plans, which inlude a $50 per month plan with 1GB of LTE data and a $70 per month plan with 5GB of LTE data. T-Mobile's plans include unlimited talk, text, and data, though data speeds will slow down if you hit the limit on your plan.

The program is expected to begin at the end of this month. Do you think Apple's efforts to boost iPhone sales through Apple Stores will work? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

Apple rumored to offer pre-paid and month-to-month phone plans in Apple Stores


Why not offer this already? And what about if The local Apple store is right next to the local AT&T and T-Mobile stores (or stands) in the same mall?

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In answer to the second question: I was on vacation in FL recently and managed to drown my iPhone 5 in a local waterway. I am on an ATT contract that will not run its course for several months so my only reasonable option was to buy another phone and reinstall their SIM. As it turned out the Apple store and the ATT Wireless store were near neighbors on the local mall. Mainly because I needed a replacement SIM I went to the ATT store. After about an hour enjoying ATT's version of customer service I left and went to the Apple store. I found that it was not necessary for me bring my own SIM. They'd appreciate it but they do not require it. They even suggested I get one from the guys next door but when I related my immediate history they gladly obliged by pulling from their ATT SIM stock and activating it with my existing ATT account.

I would be the last person to summarily dismiss ATT's ability to deliver a (happy) memorable customer experience based on this one incident. But you know, I anticipate a happy experience when I walk into an Apple Store. I honesty can't say the same when I conjure the image of the ATT Wireless logo out front.

Apple retail has proven since it's inception that it has a better idea and knows how to deliver it. Time and time again. The pre-paid plan outlined above is better than the post paid I now have with ATT: 2GB of data, 450 minutes, Unlimited text for $85 and with all the other fees tacked on about $95 per month. So, unlimited talk/text and 2.5 GB for $60, all other things equal, would appeal to me so long as the network it's attached to provides broad coverage. For the most, the ATT network does that for me.

I don't see this helping, right now you can go to AT&T or T-Mobile and sign up for a no contract, financed phone option rather than paying the full price up front for the phone.

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That's a good point. Unless you get a "paid up front" discount from Apple it seems people should just get the phone from AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint (or maybe Verizon, I don't know).

If they stick to pre paid I'm pretty sure the only supported iPhone would be the 4s. As I'm not sure that Verizon LTE phones {5(c),5s} can be put on pre paid. That and Verizon is Verizon...

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You can use the Verizon version on gsm carriers. Plus Verizon prepaid is only 3G so not sure the 5&5s work on that.

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The whole reason for Pre-paid is the fact phones are cheaper. At a unlocked price seems to be a no go but Apple if they do it has more knowledge to make a decision on the matter.

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