Apple opens online store for China

Apple has launched their online store for China, a streamlined store that includes the iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac product lines. The store also includes free shipping, an option for custom engravings on your iPod or iPad, and it is also the only place online where you can currently grab the iPod Nano in the (PRODUCT RED) variant. From Apple COO Tim Cook:

We are thrilled to open our newest online store in China. With personalized engraving, configure-to-order options and free shipping on everything, the Apple Store is a great destination for our customers in China.

To top it off, Apple has made their App Store available in Simplified Chinese, making it easier for citizens of China to access the 300,000+ apps available for the iPhone and iPod touch (or at least as many of them as are offered in China).

Slowly but surely, Apple is extending their offerings throughout Asia, one of the biggest consumer electronic markets on the planet, and should have 25 more retail stores in China by the end of 2011.

But in the land of cheap-as-in-unlicensed Windows PC and Android variants we've never heard of, will it be enough? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


by Andrew Wray

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Reader comments

Apple opens online store for China


"the land of cheap-as-in-unlicensed Windows PC and Android variants we’ve never heard of"... Really? Oh wow, somebody has not yet been to China!
Yes, poor people live there, but quality is and has always been really important to the rest!

"The largest software piracy losses occur in China"
"China's piracy rate remains at 96 percent of all software sold, only 4 percent is legitimately licensed"
Although I believe these numbers have decreased since, you don't really need to physically go there to understand how bad it really is in Shenzhou these days, as it's still a rather large number ;)