Apple pays tribute to awesome iOS app developers in latest video

Today's WWDC keynote kicked off with a great video of everyday users talking about how they're using their iPhones and iPads, and how they feel about the people that make the apps they use every day. The video runs through a bunch of common conceptions about what developers look like and how the act, but more importantly, it's showing the gratitude people have towards devs. Take a watch and try not to feel just a little warm and fuzzy inside.

How close do you guys feel to the developers that make the apps you use every day? Anybody you'd like to personally thank for making an app? Anything else you really liked from the WWDC keynote?

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Simon Sage

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Apple pays tribute to awesome iOS app developers in latest video


One I can throw a shout out to are the Dev's who make Castro. I have had an issue with podcasts just deleting and they have spent a lot of time emailing me back and forth to figure out the issue. More than I would have expected for just one person. I will always support them and their products.

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