Apple posts iPad Air 'Pencil' ad, 'Life on iPad', and 'Introducing iPad Air' videos

Apple showed off a lot of videos at yesterday's iPad & Mac event. A lot of videos. And several of them had to do with the new iPad Air and Retina iPad mini. Now three of those videos are available for your repeated viewing pleasure on YouTube, including the new iPad Air ad, 'Pencil' (above):

Introducing iPad Air. It's even more capable and powerful, and weighs just one pound. So you can do more than ever, in more places than ever.

The feel-good 'Life on iPad':

Over the past three years, iPad has helped people transform business, education, entertainment, health, and many other fields. We wanted to document those changes. During three weeks in September and October of 2013, we traveled the world to see how people are using iPad. Here are some of the examples we found.

Apps Included: PDF Expert, FieldView, Dartfish Express, Coach's Eye, Benthic Transect, Numbers, MenuPad, Topo Maps for iPad, MotionX GPS HD, CloudAhoy, GoodReader for iPad , StageWrite for iPad, Fraunhofer MEVIS Liver Explorer, junaio Augmented Reality Browser, Clinometer HD, IMAG-N-O-TRON: "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore" Edition, Stop Motion Studio Pro, SketchBook Pro for iPad, Procreate - Sketch, paint, create., Traditional Furniture, Magic Piano by Smile, djay 1, GarageBand, Theodolite HD, Hudl, iPhoto

And, of course, the Jony Ive-led iPad Air introduction:

At just 7.5 mm thin, weighing only one pound, and with the advanced A7 chip, iPad Air is incredibly light and powerful. But it also comes with all the capability of iOS 7. And iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are now available free. So the possibilities for what you can do with it, and where you can take it, are virtually limitless.

Get your popcorn, sit back in a comfy keynote chair, and hit play.

Source: Apple YouTube

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Apple posts iPad Air 'Pencil' ad, 'Life on iPad', and 'Introducing iPad Air' videos


As an advertising major, I always have to give credit to Apple's marketing/advertising team(s). The sleek, negative space usage and iconic clean look make their showcases definitely worthwhile and memorable.

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During the keynote yesterday I was trying to visualize how thick 7.5 mm was. I thought it was about the size of a pencil, and a few minutes later a pencil is featured in the ad.