Apple Posts iPhone Design Award 2008 Winners

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Ever since a young Steve Jobs audited a calligraphy class and sparked the taste that has driven modern consumer computing, Apple had prided itself on pixel-perfect design. And this year, for the first time, iPhone Web Apps and (beta) App Store apps were eligible for Apple's WWDC-delivered Design Awards. (Which makes sense, given the iPhone was released less than a year ago...)

According to Apple's Developer Connection, the awards:

Recognize technical excellence, innovation, and outstanding achievement in software development. With new categories for iPhone development, this year’s Apple Design Awards [were] more exciting than ever.

And this year, the Jobsy's went to:

  • Best iPhone Game: Enigmo 1.0, Pangea Software
  • Best iPhone Healthcare & Fitness Application: MIM 1.0 (alpha), MIMVista, Corp.
  • Best iPhone Social Networking Application: Twitterrific 1.0 (beta), The Iconfactory
  • Best iPhone Entertainment Application: AOL Radio 1.0, AOL LLC
  • Best iPhone Productivity Application: OmniFocus 1.0 (pre-release), The Omni Group
  • Best iPhone Web Application, Winner: Remember The Milk for iPhone & iPod touch 1.0, Remember The Milk
  • Best iPhone Web Application, Runner-Up: AP Mobile News Network 1.0, The Associated Press

Be sure to check out Apple's gallery for screen shots of all the winners!

And a hearty congratulations (and thanks!) from TiPb to all the winners, and to everyone who showed up to develop! We look forward to enjoying the fruits of your labors :) 

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Apple Posts iPhone Design Award 2008 Winners

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