Apple posts Verizon upgrade eligibility, plans... then removes them

Apple today posted a Verizon Wireless upgrade eligibility checker on their site along with voice/data/messaging plans -- only to pull them down a short time later. While up the information seemed to confirm what we have been hearing about the data plans where there will be unlimited for $29.99 a month and the option to throw the hot spot on there with 2GB extra for an additional $20 a month.


  • 450 minutes $39.99/month
  • 900 minutes with unlimited to 5 selected people (any network) $59.99/month
  • Unlimited $69.99/month


  • Unlimited iPhone $29.99/month
  • Unlimited iPhone + 2GB tethering/Personal 3G Hotspot $49.99/month


  • Pay per use $0.20 per SMS/month, $0.25 per MMS/month
  • 250 messages $5/month
  • 500 messages $10/month
  • Unlimited messaging $20/month

These seem to be pretty straight forward with the current Verizon smartphone plans with the exception of the unlimited text messaging for $20/month. Current users have been offered 5,000 messages for $20/month but it appears as if they are at least going to offer iPhone users unlimited messages for the same amount per month. It seems like it would make sense for them to switch their smartphone plan to the same but we will have to wait and see.

Apple also shortly after putting the site up decided to take it down. Maybe someone in Cupertino jumped the gun and posted it a tad early. If they decide to put it back up we will update you so you can check your eligibility and check out the plans for yourself.

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Reader comments

Apple posts Verizon upgrade eligibility, plans... then removes them


It was nice to get a preview of Apple's end user experience. I may go this route vs. Verizon's web site - whichever one gets the job done is all that matters :)

I wouldn't doubt that with all the traffic they will have. Really in the long run that just helps a lot of people save money as they don't use much data anyways.

android uses more data than iphone so it isnt going to be as much added strain as some think

I agree to Jay, the unlimited data plan may be for a limited period only, however if the competition between AT&T and Verizon stays healthy we may see some more attractive packages in future.

I'd switch w/ the 900 minute plan. I'd save $20 a month and we don't use 1400 minutes right now. We have that plan for the A List. My google voice number is on my A-list and we end up using only 6 or 700 minutes a month...i'd also drop texting and text w/ a free app from the app store...

This was posted on the Apple site days ago, they may have taken it off today but I used it a few days ago on the Apple site.

it's rather amazing. What cost me $49 on sprint cost me $89 on Verizon. God when my contract is up switching is gonna hurt. Come on Sprint, Stop sucking and get the iphone already.

Only a fool would pay and additional 50 bucks a month just to own a phone that has been proven inferior to other devices on the market. SMH

Must suck to be an Iphone user...You pay for an inferior product and pay out the arse for the services you use..Who would pay 130 bucks a month on a cell phone tax not included is beyond me.. Just don't bring this thing to Sprint please. I don't want my plan increasing

People that want service where other carriers do not perform that's who. And sprint is pathetic compared to what u experience on verizonwireless. Well worth it.

If I get a Vzw iPhone, then wait for the inevitable jailbreak, then install MyWi..... Does that data count against my 30 dollar unlimited phone data plan?..... Or are they gonna know I am using a " hotspot" feature and count it against my 2gb wifi hotspot data?..... Would I even need to pay for the 20 dollar hotspot xtra plan?.... Or can I just use MyWi and it counts as regular phone data?

I have a rooted droid x and enjoy the wireless tether and hotspot feature free. No one says anything. Just shows data usage in with my data plan. Just don't abuse it with say 10 gb of data. Lol

Hopefully that list when it pops back up includes family plan offerings. I have a 119.99plus add line family plan maybe getting 2 iphones

How do you get an extra 2GB (with hotspot)if you already have an unlimited data plan? Just sayin....