Apple pushes out iTunes update to address iTunes in the Cloud issues

Apple has pushed out an update to iTunes for Mac and Windows that addresses issues users may have been having with iTunes in the Cloud. The bump to version 11.0.5 corrects an issue where iTunes in the Cloud would download or play unexpected items, and while it's not something we've seen ourselves, we're never going to turn away important fixes such as this.

The update is pushing out via the Mac App Store for OS X users, though if you've not seen it yet it's always worth manually checking via Software Update. Windows users should go ahead and manually check for updates too if they haven't already been notified, and the latest version is also available as a direct download from The important question though is; were you seeing the listed issues, and has this update fixed them?

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Apple pushes out iTunes update to address iTunes in the Cloud issues


This may answer my question about why I have two copies of every episode of Elementary and I cannot delete the duplicates. When I delete the duplicates, the second copy is still in the list with a clou icon. Only affected one show. Everything else lists normally.

found the same issue with my contacts on my iPhone! looked at them one day and alot of them have been duplicated as well! thanks apple for the fix!

Mostly importantly Apple needs to fix the no service issue on the iPhone....makes no sense I have an iPhone

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I was on a road trip yesterday and tried to listen to a song and something totally different came up. I downloaded the update this morning.