Apple Quietly Adds 16 GB iPhone!

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The headline says it all except the pricing and availability. Pricing: $399.00 US for the 8GB (same as it ever was) and $499.00 US for the 16GB model.

Wait? What? Wasn't there, like, this big conference not too long ago where you could make announcements about new iPhones? Oh yea, there was, I was there. Guess doubling the amount of available storage on an iPhone isn't worth Steve's precious keynote time, (but jiggly mode is?). Anyway, it's good news nonetheless.

...Since I'm currently rocking one of the classic 4GB models, that 16GB model is mighty tempting. The only question left: will they drop the price on me two weeks after I finally buy it?

(Oh, and the Touch now comes in 8, 16, and 32 gig varieties!)

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Apple Quietly Adds 16 GB iPhone!


[INDENT]CUPERTINO, California—February 5, 2008—Apple® today added new models of the iPhone™ and iPod® touch which have double the memory, doubling the amount of music, photos and videos that customers can carry with them wherever they go. The revolutionary iPhone now comes in a new 16GB model for $499, joining the 8GB model for $399. iPod touch now comes in a 32GB model for $499, joining the 16GB model for $399 and the 8GB model for $299.[/INDENT]

guess my prediction of 32gb by the end of this year doesn't look so farfetched now that the touch has that.

Touch has 2 NAND slots to iPhone's 1 so it will always be able to rock 2x the capacity. If they can move to 32gb NAND chips, Touch would get 64...

AT&T and Apple are launching a new 16GB iPhone that provides twice the storage capacity of the 8GB model which will be available on 2/5/08.
· This new model will be identical to existing 4GB and 8GB models but will have 16GB of memory
· The 16GB model will be initially priced at $499
from official at&t launch info