Recruitment video provides a glimpse behind the scenes at Apple’s Cupertino HQ

Apple recruitment video provides a brief look behind the scenes at Apple’s Cupertino HQ

Earlier in the year, Apple posted a recruitment video on its website aimed at providing prospective employees with an idea of what to expect when working for Apple. The video, which was discovered by 9to5Mac gives a nice insight into what goes on behind the scenes at Apple’s HQ.

The video takes you through Apple’s engineering labs, let’s you see how the Apple website team examines web pages, discusses the backstory on Apple’s work on new battery chemistry, tells the true, and interesting, backstory on the creation of the iPad 2′s Smart Cover, and more.

The video is done in a typical Apple style with catchy background music interspersed with staff interviews. All the interviews are extremely positive and give you the same message; it’s great to work at Apple but it is also very hard work too. A couple of quotes in the video summed it all up perfectly, “There is no such thing as good enough; it has to be the best.” The other one that stood out was “The difference between a good product and a great product is attention to detail.”

There is no doubt that Apple lives by this philosophy, no other company appears to spend the time developing and testing products. Apple products not only look the best but also offer the best functionality too. The Smart Cover that is shown in the video is a classic example, engineers involved in its design became experts in magnetics just so they could make the best possible product; now that's going the extra mile!

The complete video is embedded below, if you are interested in what goes on behind the scenes at Apple, it is definitely worth watching. Could you see yourself working at Apple?

Source: 9to5Mac

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Recruitment video provides a glimpse behind the scenes at Apple’s Cupertino HQ


I work for a company that hires the best, encourages them to take initiative and to make every part of our jobs the best they can be. When I watched this video, I saw many of the same traits.