Apple reduces iPad 2 production target, still no delays expected?

According to a report from the hit-and-miss Digitimes, Apple has made adjustments to its iPad 2 design at the last minute and it is now facing some issues with production levels for the expected big launch next month. No information on what that design change was on the iPad 2, maybe we will see LightPeak -- aka ThunderBolt -- afterall, we shall see.

Production problems are apparently caused by low supplies of touch panels for the iPad 2 however, Apple has LG, Samsung and Chimei Innoloux all manufacturing panels, so are not relying on a single supplier.

The sources pointed out that Apple still maintains its plans to mass produce the iPad 2 by the end of February; however, affected by low touch panel yields and an adjustment in specifications, Apple's production volume forecast for the first quarter is expected to drop from 400,000-600,000 units originally to only 300,000-400,000 units.
The sources pointed out that most upstream component makers still have not yet received notification from Apple to delay shipments; therefore they believe the mass production schedule is still as originally planned.

If this rumor does indeed turn out to be true, iPad 2 will be like gold dust on launch day yet again. We may also see a repeat of the original launch, which was US only with other countries following a month later.

Now how many people want an iPad 2? Will the demand be as great as the first iPad? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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Reader comments

Apple reduces iPad 2 production target, still no delays expected?


Lucky for you all that Apple just sent invitations for their iPad 2 event, March 2nd at Yerba.

I don't think demand will be as high, but it will be high, definately more than the failure that is named XOOM. If the ipad2 has a FFC with facetime and skype video, that will be a great selling point.

Depends on what it has to offer. I love my iPad but upgrading just to upgrade probably won't happen without some new awesomeness.

Maybe they scaled back production because there isn't much change from the first iPad. It may only have a camera or two added. I'd like to see it being faster and be able to expand memory. An sd card would be great to have movies on, so I wouldn't have fill my internal memory with them.

I think demand we be pretty high, just as new iPhone models are pretty high, despite many owning iPhones as little as a year old. But, I think I will hold out to see if the iPad 3 rumors come true, unless iPad 2 has some cool and unexpected features I've not heard about. :)

Demand will be twice as high. In the beginning, people didn't exactly know what an iPad was good for. Now, everybody knows. 400,000 units will not survive an hour of preorders.

I have been waiting since Christmas for iPad2. I think a lot of people have wanted to get an iPad in the past few months but are waiting for the update to jump in. I think the demand will be greater than for iPad1. I hope the last minute spec change was to add LightPeak and a 720p front camera. I don't mind that the screen is not higher res, it will make everything run much faster than if they boosted the screen res.
I think the plan is to have an iPad Pro this fall that will continue as a second high res model next to the standard res version. They will then always have two current models one upgraded each April and the other each Sept. The starting price for the Pro model would be higher to cover the price of the higher res screen and the standard model could continue at the more aggressive price point.

I own an iPad already, of course I would like the new/best thing available from Apple. I am anxious to see the changes being made, but may stick with my first gen iPad since we like it so much!

I WILL have an iPad2 on launch day...I am hoping I will not have to take off work to make that happen but if I do, so be it. I will not be denied!! :)

I'm part of the wait&see tribe. I'm happy with my ipad but if there is a big new feature on the 2 well I guess I'll be in line. I'm hoping for a step up on the data plan from the carriers.

Money wasn't in the budget last year for an IPad, had to upgrade 2 ipbone3g -> iphone4's. We have been waiting for this quite awhile and I get my bonus this Friday. Hopefully I be able to get myself and the wife each one the first day but time will tell.