Apple refreshes its Retina MacBook Pro line-up with improved hardware

Retina Macbook Pro

Apple has today unveiled new units in its MacBook Pro range of Retina laptops. The units sport improved (and newer) Intel Haswell processors, coupled with increased RAM as standard options. 13-inch Pro models come with 8GB of RAM minimum, while the larger 15-inch options pack 16GB. Not only are we looking at increased specifications, but the high-end 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro has also received a price drop, now selling for $2499.

Apple MacBook Upgrades

Prices in US dollars are equivalent to what's listed in the above photo for the UK. As one can spot in the screenshot, here are the new model configurations:

Here are the new 13-inch models:

  • $1299 – 2.6GHz dual-core i5 processor and 8GB RAM and 128GB of flash storage
  • $1499 – 2.6GHz dual-core i5 processor and 8GB RAM and 256GB of flash storage
  • $1799 – 2.8GHz dual-core i7 processor and 8GB of RAM and 512GB of flash storage

And for the 15-inch:

  • $1999 – 2.2GHz quad-core i7 processor, 16GB RAM and 256GB of flash storage
  • $2499 – 2.5GHz quad-core i7 processor, 16GB RAM and 512GB of flash storage

If Retina isn't quite up your street yet, the non-Retina MacBook Pro has also received a price cut with the laptop now going for $1099 – the only issue is we've noticed that the components haven't been bumped. Check out the new selection of MacBooks on the Apple Store:

Source: Apple

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Reader comments

Apple refreshes its Retina MacBook Pro line-up with improved hardware


Didn't these updated haswell chips cause a slight performance drop when they were added to the airs a few months back?

No, it was the SSD's that dropped in performance. Seems they used slightly slower SSD's in the Airs for the smaller SSD's.. If you maxed out the SSD to 512GB it was still the faster SSD..

Nice additions. My non retina MBp is still chugging along, so hopefully in a year or two when I'm ready to upgrade they will have even more options for the base models.

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So there won't be any major updates in the fall of 2014 i suppose? So I guess the 12" mba is going to come in the fall is confirmed?

Doesn't stop me from purchasing a Razor Blade 14, although my brother would be happy.

Posted via iMore App

Broadwell has been delayed. We may see some desktop class Broadwells this year, but I wouldn't bet on it.

I don't think so. From what I understand desktop class Broadwells won't be out until Q2 of 2015. Also, mobile Broadwells for rMBP won't be out till Q1 of 2015. The only Broadwells releasing later this year are the ones designed for tablets and 2-in-1's.

So it's still possible the mythical 12" rMBA might still come out later this year.

Always nice to have a spec bump, I guess. But for the average user, this is far more memory than they'll ever use so I'm not seeing a real benefit here. Personally, I'd rather have gotten a bump in storage. Oh well, so it goes...

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Always nice to see the bottom end machine bumped up a bit. I'm still very happy with my late 2013 rMBP with 2.4 Ghz i5, 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD.

This was pretty much the refresh we were guaranteed when Broadwell got delayed. I'm sure someone somewhere will complain that this isn't a major isn't. It isn't meant for people who just bought one last year.

How do these Mid 2014 rMBP's compare the the first generation rMBP's? I have the first gen 15" base model and I'm thinking about upgrading. I could use the ram, and I'm interested in the UHD/Retina support. Specifically will this new 15" $1999 or $2499 model support 3 external HiDPI displays?

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