Apple releases Apple Store app for iPad

Apple releases Apple Store app for iPad

The Apple Store app has given you a way to shop on the online Apple Store, but up until now it's been strictly for the iPhone. Now Apple has released an app that runs natively on the iPad. This isn't just the iPhone app made bigger - it's a completely new app with features specific to the iPad version, like bigger images and interactive elements to help you select the product that's right for you. You can find items exclusive to the Apple Store, compare products in similar categories and enable pickup at any Apple retail store location.

All told, it's an impressive-looking app that really uses the iPad to its full potential - looks like it's been worth the wait. And, of course, it's just in time for the holiday buying season.

The Apple Store for iPad app seems to have launched in the United States initially. It took the original Apple Store for iPhone app roughly 11 month to begin rolling out internationally. Hopefully the iPad version will go faster.

Have you purchased products through the Apple Store iPhone app before? Are you more likely to now that there's an iPad app?

Via: TechCrunch

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Becjr says:

I haven't made any major purchases with the app, but it's extremely convenient for purchases when at my "local" [hour interstate drive] Apple Store. That small store is always packed like a Saturday night frat party.
I do use the Apple Store app a lot for getting information about Apple's products because I have a weak memory and trying to keep up with tech details when having conversations with friends and family. I can just open the app and have all the latest information with me at all times.
Plus, Apple offers a nice freebie one a month (or so). This month is "Baking". This is a really nice, attractive, and informative app to complement my cooking adventures for sure! Thank you Apple.
I also like using this app for getting details on local Apple Store events and workshops.
I really like this new iPad Apple Store app. It's Very nice.

MAGNUS says:

Same here. Dont use it much for purchases but I have been able to order/preorder devices on the app when the website is being flooded.

zdn1042 says:

About time. I know a lot of people have been waiting for this. I don't really think that this will likely get me to purchase an item but I bet this will provide a more pleasant experience to those who frequent the Apple Store.

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zeroneon says:

I don't think I will purchase much thru this app but it will be a great place to look at the products and compare the specs to other products before I make a purchase.

djstarion says:

This is great for purchases. Only time I ever really used the iPhone app was when I was making Genius appointments.

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nthn says:

This looks like it might be the best way to use the Apple store on any device. The layout is so clear and clean. Apple just makes it too nice to spend more money.

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WhatDidYouSayWillis says:

It's about time?!

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steimel says:

You got that right.

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RobertsDP says:

About time! I was using the iPhone app on my iPad for a while. This would be more convenient for me when I get around to buying a MacBook.

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siriami says:

Not available in the UK iTunes at the moment!

GlennRuss says:

I have purchased through app all the time. I do not have an Apple store close to me. I have never had problems using it. It is really valuable when a new product comes out. You use the app to buy it, and do not have to stand in line, only to be turned away, because they sold out. Glad they finally came out with an iPad app. 2X just never looks right on the iPad. Come on iMore, hint hint. I know it is in the works, and it sure will be nice.

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jproubique says:

Thank god!! I love the apple store app but it was absolutely annoying on the ipad. I use the app tons on my phone but would've fathered it on my ipad but the up scaling made it an irritable experience.

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Ides of Buster says:

Looking forward to making my next online store purchase with the iPad app. The majority of my Apple Store purchases online have been through the iPhone app. The iPhone app's improved navigation provides a better sense of where you're at--especially when viewing search results. Can't wait to see the improvements using the larger iPad canvas.

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Rowanova says:

I've used the iPhone version for purchases, schedule workshops, and in-store payments. It works flawlessly every time. I have yet to make a transaction with the new iPad app but with a new MacBook on my horizon I'll may give it a spin. I do like the new iPad version of the, very nice.

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Dionte says:

Finally, I always wanted one.

rewNATION says:

I can't even believe it took them this long for an app that has already been out for quite some time

unstoppablekem says:

About time! That took a long time!

melvster says:

never realized this app didn't exist until the iPad mini retina launch "event." got on my air to order one and realized that apple store was iPhone only. glad it has arrived now for the tablets...

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Cojrom says:

This has been a long time coming. I have never used it for purchasing anything before. I've only ever used this app for the Genius Bar. I feel sort of safer buying products on the website than on a mobile application.

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rogifan says:

Nice app. I think I'll use it quite a bit.

sir17reeder says:

I'm surprised that it took so long to get this out. I mean apple is always bragging about having iPad optimized apps when they really hadn't optimized some of their own apps.

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Navy_Kors says:

I love the new app! Even though I haven't made any major purchases from the app, it comes in handy when I want to check on the shipping times or prices of accessories. Instantly installed it on my iPad

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dalyapp says:

Nice to finally have an iPad version. I can see myself using it quite a bit.

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neelshah says:

Glad to see apple make an iPad version of the apple store app. Using safari wasn't bad, but an iPad optimized app is definitely most welcome.

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nadnosliw says:

Err finally!

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Richm246 says:

About time!

My only question is, why isn't it a universal app?

Team George says:

I love the IPhone one - very dangerous for the wallet! So easy to use and the presentations invite you find out more.

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FR314 says:

Hm it doesn't show in the UK store yet - I guess it will appear soon (hopefully).

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asuperstarr says:

This app is really nice. I like the design and layout. Very nice!

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counterculture says:

I love the features of the Apple Store app for iPhone! I've used it for many purchases, most recently the iPhone 5S case for my iPhone 5, and it's very convenient and easy to use. Also really appreciate the notifications when your product has shipped, delivered, etc. I'm pretty sure the same awesome experience is on the iPad version. Maybe I'll get to try it out on a brand new iPad Air if I win the current iMore contest ;)

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karmski says:

I make most of my Apple purchases with the Apple Store app x 2 on my iPad. Having it native on the iPad will be fantastic... that is, when it finally is released in Australia.

The iPhone app is great in the physical Apple Store, when checking in for appointments etc, but the iPad's larger screen is better for online purchases.

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lui22 says:

Something you people should do for the imore app. Why do I have to use an iPhone version

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BeyondtheTech says:

Nice looking app, but it's trigger-happy to go into a section I'm just trying to scroll through. Even nicer than the iPhone app (when run on an iPad) warns you there's an iPad version and opens up the App Store to download it, or simply open the app if it's already installed.

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Still not showing up on my iPad in Canada.

It's nice they've made an iPad version, I actually have made a few purchases on my iPhone Apple Store App before, and would have loved to do it on a bigger screen, but would rather not be inconvenienced by having to use my Mac.

From the screenshots, it looks like the app is good looking, with all it's iOS7 goodies.

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ljpuk says:

Not showing up in UK yet

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jaleelhamid says:

Not available on iPads in Canada yet :(

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Jason49 says:

I played around with this app this morning. I really like the new design. I especially like the hand gestures to go back and to view all similar items. Apple did a great job with this one.

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