Apple releases iBooks 1.1 for iPhone and iPad


Apple has released iBooks 1.1 for iPhone (iOS 4 required) and iPad. Shown off during WWDC 2010, it adds some oft-demanded features such as notes, bookmarks, and the syncing of both of those and highlights -- including between devices.

We'll be back with a review later, but here's the boilerplate for now:

  • Enjoy a complimentary copy of the beautifully illustrated classic, Winnie-the-Pooh by A. A. Milne.
  • Download many of your favorite books from the included iBookstore.
  • Read a free sample of any book on the iBookstore before making it part of your collection.
  • Reorder your books on your bookshelf or browse them in a list sorted by title, author, or category.
  • Easily adjust your screen brightness to find the perfect lighting for any environment.
  • Change the font size and pick from five included type faces to make your books more comfortable to read.
  • Find a word, character, or phrase anywhere in your book with the built-in search feature.
  • Quickly find a specific page using the page navigator at the bottom of every page.
  • Highlight your favorite passages with the built-in bookmarking feature.
  • Add books in the industry-standard ePub electronic book format to iTunes and sync them to iPad.
  • iBooks supports amazing accessibility features in iPad, such as speaking the words on a given page.

You trying it out? If so, what do you think? How does it compare to iBooks on iPad? To Kindle or Stanza?

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Reader comments

Apple releases iBooks 1.1 for iPhone and iPad


ePub + DRM isn't really usefull ePub is it? Can't use it on any other ePub compatible reader, so why is this good? This one confuses me....

Too bad Apple hasn't understood what the internet means. They haven't understood that foreigners living abroad would like to read books in a language other than what that country's store offers. My case, living in France, 99% of the books are in French, and I don't read French, and neither do many of my friends. So it's Kindle on the iPad/iPhone for me.

Apple said it has PDF SUPPORT. It doesn't. Mr. Jobs should reject this app personally, because it doesn't do what the devs (apple) says it does........R E J E C T

Yes it does have PDF support Bart. Get your facts straight before flipping out. I just read a PDF in iBooks.

If you go into setting, scroll to the bottom, and find iBooks, there is an option called "full justification" does anybody know what that is?

Justification means that the text will align evenly on both the left and right of the page's margins. It'll make more sense if you select the option and see for yourself.

There was a section in iTunes 9.2 Apps (when you have your iPhone plugged in) where you can sync over items for specific apps that support it. I'm assuming that's where you'll sync books over with iBooks.

Just went into iTunes on the iPhone and the new iOS4 compatible iBooks is at the top of the iList. Man, iOverload...

I must say. iBooks is pretty iSluggish changing pages on my iPhone 3G. I think it will drive me iCrazy trying to read iBooks on this thing. Hopefully the iPhone 4 runs it better.

It runs extremely slow, sometimes taking a number of seconds to follow through on user input. Pretty dumb. How is a reader that flips through text files running so excruciatingly slow? How did this pass Quality Control? How did this pass anything at all at Apple, Inc. ?
Running on 3rd Gen 8GB iPod Touch (a.k.a. 2nd Gen 8GB iPod Touch).

I didn't receive my winnie the pooh book. Did I do something wrong? I wanted to read it to my granddaughter.

PDF support is there, but not clear how to do. There's two ways:

  • Click and drag pre-owned PDF's into the Book section of iTunes, then sync.
  • attach PDF to e-mail, open in Mail in iPhone, touch icon, choose "Open in iBooks," and POOF! it magically appears in the "PDF" bookshelf (once PDFs go into iBooks, a new PDF button appears at top of bookshelf).

I did it, so I can vouch it works - and quite well. I just deleted the free GoodReader, as iBooks serves that function just fine.

OK, so now I have the new iPhone update from 6/21/10 and my iPad. Both have iBooks.
How do I sync them?
Will they stay synced wirelessly (like my Kindle does with my iPhone?
Thank You,
Mitch Greenberg