Apple releases iOS 8 beta 5 for iPhone and iPad to developers

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Apple has released IOS 8 beta 5 to app developers today, which contains a number of bug fixes and improvements for the operating system that will likely be officially released for the iPhone and iPad later this fall.

The 269 MB download, which can be accessed via the iOS Developer Center, is just the latest in a string of developer updates for iOS 8 since it was first released a couple of months ago. We will update this post with more infomation about what is contained in beta 5 as soon as we learn more.

Some of the changes include new icons in the Health app for Body data and Data Exporting, a new iCloud option to download iPhone optimized versions of photos while keeping the high resolution originals on the iCloud account and a new Health panel found in the Privacy settings.

iOS 8 will have a number of improvements for owners of the iPhone and iPad when it is finally released to the public, including a new QuickType Keyboard, better integration with Apple's OS X, and much more.

What do you think of this latest release of the beta for iOS 8 and are you looking forward to using the final version when it comes out?

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Reader comments

Apple releases iOS 8 beta 5 for iPhone and iPad to developers


As far as iOS 8 and the iPhone 6. If had to bet I would say this: Media event held on Tuesday, September 9th. IOS 8 released to the public sometime between September 9th and September 19th depending on the ordering and shipping dates for the iPhone 6. This is my guess.

There's also a new beta of Swift, the brand new programming language.... Just downloaded and did some tests and on some things speed increase is amazing ! Also just found a nice training on Udemy, it gives you a feeling what it's all about.... (got at special discount because of Beta 5 release !)

I have the latest iteration of iOS 8 and am very dismayed that PDFs will no longer open or display in three email programs that I'm aware of. Apple's own Mail, Gmail, and Hop. This is a real bug and a major problem for me. I use a workaround by long clicking the PDF and opening in a 3rd party app like Notability, but it's terribly inconvenient, especially on the iPhone.

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