Apple Releases iPhone Update 1.0.1


Gentlemen, start your downloading! Upon docking my iPhone I nearly spewed Coke Zero through my nostrils when a message popped up alerting me to a firmware update for iPhone, version 1.0.1. According to the documentation this is almost entirely a bug fix and little else. Correction It's a security fix for several recently published Safari vulnerabilities.

Bummer. I was expecting some value added goodness.

UPDATE: Apple has posted documentation for this update here.

UPDATE 2: Since installing this update the Mail app has become alarmingly unstable. It seems to freeze up often. On the plus side IMAP folder support appears to have improved, allowing full server-side folder browsing. Nice, but I can do without the crashy crashy.

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Reader comments

Apple Releases iPhone Update 1.0.1


Thanks for taking one for the team! I will try not to sync for 24 hours and see if they fix the "crashy crashy".
I am disappointed to hear that it is only a security fix. So-o-o-o much opportunity to "kick it up a notch" and yet we wait. A new feature (or two) a month would be a great gimmick to drive sales, keep the buzz going and would make for happy customers.

Mail is definately unstable. I have three pop accounts configured, one will check fine, the others will sit there with the rotating "wait" symbol up by the cell service level indicator (top left) for minutes on end.
Also - looks like they have not fixed the mailbox locking issues... After checking mail with the iPhone, I cannot check mail on my PC for up to 10 minutes.... almost like they are not correctly closing the POP connection. Same happens if I check mail, exit back to the home screen, and then try to check mail again... I get an error condition.
Also, Whats up with not being able to bulk delete?

Mail behaves erratically since installing this update. Upon first launch the program seems to hand for several seconds and won't display mailboxes...just a blank white screen.
And when checking for new email the app will again freeze on its current location. Tapping on the display does NOTHING. Apple clearly has some bugs to work out.

iphone isfreeze only usb cable and itues icon on the screen.. plz help me somebody...!!!!!thx

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